August 20, 2018

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Author: Gail Brasie

Celebrating Those Who Have Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, on August 28, sets aside a day to remember the pet companions we’ve lost. Losing a pet may be the hardest part of pet ownership, and that’s why it’s important to pause and reflect on the time you and your pet had together.

Having strong emotions about the loss of your pet is not frivolous or silly; our pets are members of our families and grieving when they cross the Rainbow Bridge is normal. There are several ways you can celebrate the memory of your pet:

Pictures: Many of us are constantly taking pictures of our dogs and cats; you may have quite a collection of them on your phone. On Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day you can go through your digital album, taking time to remember when and where your photos of your pet where taken, or how happy they were when they were with you. You can make a physical or digital scrapbook as well. Photographs are an excellent way to revisit good memories.

Their things: You may have kept your late pet’s collar, food dish or toys after they passed on. You can take a few minutes spending time with these objects as a way to remember and honor your lost pet. Sometimes handling physical objects that belonged to a pet who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge can be very emotional, so be kind to yourself if you go this route.

Memorial space: You may already have a place in your home where your late pet’s ashes are kept, on a table or shelf, for example. You could make a memorial around the urn for the day, using photos or their collar, for example. Some people have garden stones engraved with their pet’s name. Another way to make a memorial is to make a living memorial by burying your pet’s urn under a living tree or shrub.

Talk: For some people, it may just be helpful to share memories of your pet with your friends and family. Telling stories about your pet’s personality is an excellent way to honor their memory.

Donate: Donating to a dog rescue or shelter is another way to honor your pet; you can donate in their name or in their memory. You could volunteer in their honor, either to help with a specific event a rescue may be hosting, or you could even donate your time in a more long-term way.

There are many ways to celebrate the life of a lost pet; be sure to take some time this month to remember the love you had for the floofin in your life who has passed on. It is bittersweet, of course, but it shows how important your pet was and always will be to you and your family.

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