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What's With The Green Poop Bags?

Our pet care team cleans up nearly 100 poops per day, which is over 25,000 poops a year . . . that's a lot! Just like everyone else, we used standard poop bags and property disposed of them. However, we learned that most poop bags, although claiming to be biodegradable, never truly decompose after they enter the landfill.

Since then, we've partnered with GreenLine Poop Bags as our exclusive poop bag supplier so that we do our part with taking care of our planet.

Whenever you see the green poop bags in your dumpster or see our team using them, you can be sure that we are striving to do our part of BOTH caring for your floofin and our planet Earth.

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How Do GreenLine Poop Bags Work?


How Do Other Poop Bags Work?

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Long story short, we want to do our part to take care of your floofin while also doing our best to properly dispose of your floofin's poop in a way that is both efficient and wise. We've tried SO MANY other poop bags in the past, but none of those poop bags were as great as GreenLine.

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When you use the link from our website, we receive a small affiliate/referral payback so not only are you taking care of the environment, but you are also shopping a small Chicago-based business and supporting your favorite at home pet care company!