So… What’s a Floofin?

After my husband and I calmed down from our wedding, honeymoon, and moving into a new home, two special things waddled their way into our lives. Those special things are our two Maltese puppies Priscilla and Portia.

Since the day they joined our family, my husband Chris, the “King of Interesting Nicknames“, would try to call the girls as a pair. He tried things like ladies, girls, babies, poopies… you get the idea. One day a word stuck as both pups finally looked at my husband TOGETHER. “Floofins.”

At Floofins and Co. we define Floofin as a furry family member and aim to treat our clients as we would our own Floofins. Though our “Co.” has many furry clients, we also care for feathered, finned and scaled friends. They are all Floofins to us.

We hope this word will someday be added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


Kristin A.M. Skelton, NAPPS Certified