Frequently Asked Questions

A Kenneling Alternative

How does “in-home pet care” work?

In-home pet care, or pet sitting, means that your pet will remain in your home, and a Floofins & Co. Pet Care Specialist will make a series of visits and care for your pet at your home location. Visits are scheduled in a way that will best accommodate your pet’s usual daily routine. Visits include: meals and treats served, fresh water, exercise, cleanups, medication (if needed), and the TLC your pet deserves while you are away, along with daily e-journals for our pet parents. Vacation services also include our vacation essentials: house plant watering, mail pickup, light +
blind/curtain rotation, and trash removal/curbing.

Do you walk in packs?

Floofins & Co. does not pack walk. Dogs are not walked together unless they are a part of the same family or a requested walk pairing.

Service Area

What areas do you serve?

We service most of the Western Suburbs of Chicago. To view a list of the towns we currently service, CLICK HERE.

New Client Onboarding

What is the purpose of the New Client On-boarding Meeting?

For all new clients, a meeting is required prior to your first visit with one of our Pet Care Specialists. At this meeting, you get the opportunity to meet one of our administrative staff and the member of our Pet Care Team who will be assigned as your primary pet care provider. Prior to the meeting, we will set you up with a Client Care Portal Account where you can manage both your home and pet care instructions. At the meeting we will review all your instructions to ensure we are clear and up to date on everything we may need to care for your pet. New Client Meetings are free of charge for new clients (a $25 fee will be attached to any meetings requested with less than 24-hours notice) and there is no obligation to book any future visits.


Will the same member of the Pet Care Team visit my pets every time?

At your initial meeting you will meet the person assigned as your primary pet care provider. Any future visits requested will be first scheduled with your primary unless there is a conflict. The bond that is made between you, your pet and your sitter is very important to us. However, alternate staff members may be utilized in the event of: illness, injury, inability to travel into the field, employee time off, or if unavailable at the time of future bookings.

Also, in some cases when visit requests are requested to be spread out 12-16 hours apart, your primary pet care provider may be teamed up with ONE additional pet care provider to ensure everyone is well rested and prepared to take proper care of your pets.

Is Floofins & Co. licensed, bonded, and insured?

Floofins & Co. is licensed and bonded and is a registered business in our home base of Elmhurst, IL. We carry commercial liability insurance which covers any damages to homes or pets (that have resulted directly from staff errors) in our care, custody and control and we are bonded to cover any potential theft. Our staff are also employee based which means we also carry workers compensation insurance which covers any work related injuries to our staff that may be caused on your property or by your pet.

How will my house keys be stored?

Floofins & Co. requires two sets of house keys. Keys are coded so that they cannot be matched to your personal information. One key is in possession of your primary pet care provider (for entry purposes during your scheduled visit(s) and the other key is secured in a lockbox at our office (for emergencies). Keys can either be retained at the Floofins & Co. office for future or recurring visits or returned in person (for an additional fee) or picked up at no charge at one of our UPS Store Key Drop points. Key drop locations and hours can be found HERE.

How does the office keep track of the Pet Care Team?

All team members are supplied with a Floofins & Co iPad allowing access to our online management system and GPS tracking while in the field. The office staff monitors team member check-ins to ensure time block requests and visit length requirements are completed.

How do you screen the members of your Pet Care Team?

Floofins & Co. Employees are ORION surveyed, background checked, drug tested and references are checked prior to hire. Employees are trained per our Floofin University program (providing a foundation in dog, cat, bird, rabbit, reptile/ amphibian, fish and small and furry creature care). They are also Red Cross dog and cat first aid & CPR trained and offered ongoing continuing education.

Can I meet additional staff members?

We understand the comfort inherent in meeting anyone that may have access to your property. Additional shorter “meet and greet” style meetings can be arranged at a discounted visit rate.

Can Floofins & Co. share visits with my friends and neighbors?

Sharing vacation pet care duties with friends and neighbors can often create stressful situations for pets, confusing situations for pet sitters and accountability and liability issues. For these reasons, Floofins & Co. does not accept jobs of this nature.


How will I be billed for service?

For Vacation Care, invoices will be sent two days prior to your scheduled departure and are due by the date of your departure. Package invoices will be sent two days prior to the first date of use and are due by the first day of use. For All Other Services, invoices will be compiled weekly on Saturday and are due the following Monday.

Floofins & Co. accepts cash, check and credit card payments (MasterCard, Visa and Discover Card) via Please make all checks payable to Floofins & Co.


Can I automate my payment?

If you wish to enroll in autopay for future invoices, select “Yes” under the “Keep Credit Card On File” option when you submit your first invoice payment or add your payment information on the My Billing Info page.  When you enroll in autopay, your credit card will be charged on the invoice due date.

If you prefer to make a one-time credit card payment, you may do so via the “Make Payment” button on your invoice.  Checks may be mailed to 205 E. Butterfield Rd. #442 Elmhurst, IL 60126 or can be left for your Pet Care Specialist for Courtesy Payment Pick Up Service (CPPUS).

Are there any late fees if I forget to leave my payment?

There is a late fee assessed for all late payments. Payments are considered late if not received by the due date on your invoice. There is a 14 day grace period following the due date before late fees are charged. Please note, accounts more than 30 days past due, may be suspended from booking until outstanding invoices are collected.

Overdue invoice courtesy reminders are automatically sent 7- and 14-days after the due date. A paper receipt will be left for all cash payments that are picked up via our courtesy payment pick up service.


How will I know that my pet was visited while I was gone?

Floofins provides real-time confirmation that your visits have been completed. No worrying about whether or not someone showed up. Online Pet Care Journals allow you to learn about your pet’s adventures while you are away. You can also communicate with Floofins staff via our online Pet Care Journal comment boards.

How can I contact my assigned Pet Care Specialist?

We encourage communication between our clients and the Pet Care Team. Each Pet Care Team member has their own e-mail address and phone extension. Comments made on your pet care journals also allow for direct communication with your assigned Pet Care Specialist. Journal comments are similar to text messages but without the risk of messaging the wrong number, a message getting lost in transit (especially for long distance or international trips) or deleting important communication.


How do I schedule visits?

Services may be requested online, by phone at 630-478-8915, or via e-mail at [email protected]. To request services online, login to your Client Care Portal, visit the Scheduling > My Schedule page and click the Request Service button. If all of your pets will be receiving care, select “All Pets.” If the service is for a specific pet, check that pet’s name.

Single Day: To request service for a single day, select “Single,” and choose the date, type, and timing of the service. You may also enter any other relevant information you’d like in the “Notes” box. If you’d like to schedule more than one service in a day – for example, an afternoon walk and a dinner visit – click Add Next Service/Time and specify the details for the additional service. When you’re done, click Submit.

You also have the option of requesting services for multiple days simultaneously by selecting “Multiple Days,” “Custom” or “Ongoing.”

Multiple Days: If you know in advance you’ll need visits for more than a single day in a given period, it may be more convenient for you to request these visits at once. To do so, use “Multiple Days” for the Schedule Type, choose a start and ending date for the services, the pattern of services (every day, alternate days, etc.), and the type and timing of the services.

Custom: By using “Custom” as the Schedule Type, you can choose any combination of days in a single request by selecting them on a calendar. This is best used if your schedule will differ week to week or if you only need service sporadically.

Ongoing: Ongoing services are automatically generated by the system on a continuing basis and have no end date. If you would like to set a consistent weekly schedule for services, then the “Ongoing” option may be right for you. To schedule ongoing services, use the “Ongoing” Schedule Type and enter the date when you would like services to begin. Next, as with the “Multiple Days” option, you may specify a pattern for the services, as well as service types and times.

Please note, when requesting any Ongoing service, you will also need to submit the Daily Pet Care Automation Request Form which is located on the My Forms page.

Regarding Packages: If you wish to create on Ongoing Package request, choose a Multi-Service Package along with an Ongoing schedule type. If you wish to purchase a package but prefer to choose your own days, choose a Multi-Service Package and select at least the first day needed as Single Day, Multiple Days, or Custom. Visits tied to a package will display a small brown box/package icon along with the remaining visit countdown in your notifications box. Please note ongoing packages are always counted 10-days ahead.

You may view your schedule at any time by visiting the Scheduling > My Schedule page.

Status Colors: By viewing the schedule page you can check on the status of requested services. When you first request a service, the service box will be light gray and marked as “Requested.” Confirmed services appear in green, and completed past services appear in dark gray.

Making Changes: While services are still in the “Requested” state you may edit them. Once they have been accepted, you will need to contact Floofins & Company directly to make changes.

How do I cancel visits?

Services may be canceled online, by phone at 630-478-8915, or via e-mail at [email protected]. To cancel services online, you may request a cancellation from the My Schedule page. Please note that online cancellations cannot be made on the day of the service.

Click the Cancel button for the service you’d like to cancel. In the pop up window that appears, you will have the opportunity to write a note explaining the cancellation. Finish the request by clicking the Request button. Cancelations will be confirmed via e-mail and will appear in dark gray/crossed out on your schedule.

Floofins & Company’s cancelation policy is as follows:

Cancellations: Cancellation deadlines are as follows: Daily Pet Care: 24-hours prior to the first hour of the time block of your first scheduled service. Deadline is extended to 8PM the day before your scheduled service for visits booked M-F; Regular Vacation and Continuous Pet Care: 24-hours prior to the first hour of the time block of your first scheduled service; Overnight Pet Care and Holiday Pet Care: 72-hours prior to the first hour of the time block of your first scheduled service. Holiday Pet Care includes any series of services scheduled over one of our listed holidays (see item 15). Any deposit will be credited to your account for use within 1 year. If canceling past deadline, a cancelation fee of 100% of the total service fee of the first day booked will apply. A cancelation fee of 100% will also apply if a pet care staff member arrives as scheduled for a service and is sent away. Cancellation deadline extensions resulting from exigent circumstances, National Emergencies, impassible roads or other conditions will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Visits canceled outside of policy will be noted as “Canceled” on your invoice. Visits canceled within policy will not be invoiced.

How will I know if my request for a walk/sit was received?

Floofins & Co. will confirm your reservation via e-mail when the appointment is made. All vacation care services will also be confirmed by phone 1-2 days before your scheduled departure. You can also see the status of your visit requests in your online calendar and view which team member is assigned.

When should I expect my pet to be visited?

Appointments are scheduled in time blocks marking requested arrival times. Standard time block availability is as follows: Early 6 a.m. – 8 a.m., Morning 8 a.m. – 10 a.m., Early Mid-day 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., Late Mid-day 12 p.m. – 3 p.m., Early Evening 3 p.m. – 6 p.m., Late Evening 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. and Late 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. We can also customize time blocks for clients with medication or other non-standard needs. Please feel free to discuss these options with us directly.

Do you accommodate last minute requests?

Feel free to call if an unexpected need arises. We will make every attempt to accommodate your needs. Any services requested, service changes, or time block changes requested with less than 24 hours notice are subject to an additional fee.

Does Floofins & Co. provide service on holidays?

Yes! Floofins & Co. provides pet care 7 days a week/365 days per year by reservation only. It is best to make your reservations early to ensure availability. An additional fee is charged on the following holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Friday After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

What is the difference between Daily Pet Care and Vacation Pet Care?

Daily Pet Care includes our Dog Walking, Cat “Walking” , and Puppy Break services. Additional dog/cat surcharges apply. These visits are reserved for clients returning home the same day. Walking services are available 7-days a week 8AM-8PM. Puppy Breaks are available M-F, 8AM-8PM when booked in pairs. Vacation Pet Care includes our vacation essentials package and allows for reservations to be made between 6AM-10PM 7-days a week and includes up to four pets.

What’s the difference between Monthly Packages and A La Carte Visits for Daily Pet Care?

Monthly Packages are your ticket to the best rates on daily pet care services. Packages are recommended for clients booking 3 or more days per week on a regularly scheduled basis. When booking with a package, you will be charged upfront for the full package amount and your visits will deduct from the package much like a punch card. Monthly Packages expire five weeks from the first date of use.

For ultimate flexibility or for occasional users, a la carte visits are your best choice. When booking a la carte, you will be charged each Saturday for any visits booked the previous week.

Can I Just “Set and Forget” My Daily Pet Care Schedule?

For Monthly Package Users, there are now TWO options for set-up:

Automated: For clients that wish to “set it and forget it”, we will set you up with an Ongoing Package Schedule. Your schedule will auto generate 10 days out and when your package runs out, we will bill you for the next package. Package invoices are sent two days prior to first use and are due on the date of first use. This option is best for high volume users with regularly scheduled needs and allows us to reserve a spot in advance with your primary walker.

Client Controlled. For clients that want ultimate control of their schedule and packages, you can purchase your choice of package and then book only on the days you need. As you make your requests, your package visits will count down. This option is best for high volume users with inconsistent schedules or whose needs may change month to month.

For A La Carte Users, there are also two options for set-up:

Automated: For clients that wish to “set it and forget it”, we will set you up with an Ongoing A La Carte Schedule. Your schedule will auto generate 10 days out and we will send you a weekly invoice each Saturday for the previous week’s visits. This option is best for lower volume users with regularly scheduled needs.

Client Controlled. For clients that want ultimate control of their schedule, you can request a la carte visits only on the days you need. We will send you a weekly invoice each Saturday for the previous week’s visits. This option is best for lower volume/occasional users and allows us to reserve a spot in advance with your primary walker.


Do you require copy of vaccinations?

Yes, Floofins & Co. requires a copy of your pets latest vaccination records. Documentation is required to prove that all licenses and vaccinations required by the state of Illinois and the city and county in which you reside are current according to the law and per the recommendation of your veterinarian.


Do I need to supply poop bags?

We supply all the poop bags we will need. They are 100% biodegradable and made right here in the USA.

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