Best In-Home Pet Care Services in Oak Brook, IL & surrounding communities

Whether you need dog walking, puppy break, vacation pet sitting, or training, Floofins & Co is your trusted and certified choice here in Northeastern Illinois.
Personal Pet Services Close to Home

Our Mission at Floofins & Co

We strive to provide the highest caliber in-home pet care services for our cherished clients and their beloved pets. We do this by hiring exceptional employees, providing them with regular ongoing training, and delivering consistently stellar service. Whether you require something as routine as walking your dog every other day or as complicated as CPR for your dog or cat, we are able to serve both you and your pet!

How We Serve You

Primary Pet Care Services

Floofins & Co. provides a full menu of customizable services for all of your in-home pet care needs.
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Dog Walking

Does your dog need to get up and go while you are away at work or out on the town? Our daily dog walking services are designed for busy pet parents with both regularly schedule and sporadic dog walking needs.
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Puppy Breaks

Adding a new puppy to the family? Our puppy specific services are great for dogs that need multiple potty breaks per day, assistance with potty training, and also a little bit of playtime and socialization.
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Vacation Dog Sitting

Our all inclusive in-home vacation care services are perfect for dogs with parents on a getaway. Check out our Vacation Dog Sitting info for our suggested Pooch Packages.
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Vacation Cat Sitting

When their parents are away, the cats will play! Cat are truly a specialty when it comes to vacation care. Our kitty centric staff will keep them happy and healthy while their family is away.
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Bird, Rabbit, and Critter Sitting

From birds and rabbits to small floofs, reptiles, and fish, Floofins & Co. Pet Care Specialists are trained to care for all of the above. Our vacation care services will cover all things pet while you are away.
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Pet Care By The Hour

Looking for something more custom? Our pet care by the hour services are designed for busy pet parents with needs beyond the basic. Wedding? Other special request? Just ask!
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A Floofin Life

Our 7 Core Values at Floofin & Co.



We are pet parents ourselves and know the type of service we would want for our own floofins. We always treat our clients' floofins as we would want our own to be treated.

Furry Family Member
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Floofins & Co. is a boutique pet care service team that provides a professional level of service. We hire experienced, patient, mature, honest and reliable caregivers for our clients’ floofins. We provide the unexpected, the over-the-top, and always strive to exceed expectations. We provide personalized care for our clients.

Wonderful Service
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We BELIEVE... in relating to our clients with KINDNESS & COMPASSION.

A career in pet care means developing close relationships. When caring for our clients’ cherished home and beloved pets we often become like extended family. This means approaching all situations with kindness and compassion.

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We designed Floofins & Co. as a pet care team, because being a pet sitter is HARD WORK! Being “on” from 6AM-10PM sometimes 7-days a week can cause burnout quickly. That is why our team works together to provide seamless delivery of services to our clients. We may work as a team, but you will always know exactly who will be coming to your home.

Working as a Team
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We BELIEVE... in building OPEN & HONEST relationships.

We believe in honest, transparency, and accountability in everything we do.

Open and Honest
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We BELIEVE... in building and pursuing GROWTH & LEARNING.

We encourage our pet care team to learn new skills and to find ways to better themselves. In addition to our extensive initial training program, we offer additional opportunities each year to learn with teammates and also to learn independently.

Growth and Learning
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As a small local business, we find value in giving back to our community. We highly encourage all employees to give through volunteer opportunities, such as shelter and rescue work, as well as through company sponsored events and programs.

Giving Back
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