April 22, 2020

National Pet Parents Day

Author: Jennifer Houghton

When April 26th rolls around this year, the traditional methods for celebrating National Pet Parents Day might not be readily available. With many communities sheltering-in-place as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make its way across the country, getting out and participating in the pet community may not be possible. 

Many shelters and rescues have been reporting that they are empty, which is great. That means you may not be able to go and provide your time to a shelter or foster a pet.

So, if you currently don’t have a pet in your life but are considering one, don’t give up. Rescues and shelters still need supplies. Monetary donations are always helpful, if you have the resources. Also, volume surges and wanes, so you may find that your fostering services will be needed later on.

If you already have a pet, think about some original ways to celebrate. Social distancing allows you to take your pet out, so instead of heading out for that now closed dog park, try something new. Go a new direction. Let your pet lead the way and take as long as she wants to sniff and explore. Give her unlimited time to see the world through her nose and at the same time enjoy some fresh air away from home. 

Consider a personal selfie session and post your pictures on social media. If you pet allows, dress them up. If they don’t, stage funny photos. You can document your time together in a meaningful way. 

No matter what you do, spending time with your pet is always a win. And for those of you working from home, we know that your pet is absolutely loving all the time you are spending with them. Give them a little extra love and enjoy your treasured role as a pet parent. 

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