February 8, 2021

Doggie Date Night Adventures: The Blowout

Author: Jennifer Houghton
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February 3rd was the official Doggie Date Night. But, you can have one of your very own any night of the week.

The folks over at Pethelpful have a list of 10 ideas you can borrow for date night by clicking here.

Floofins & Co. held a Floofins FM event on Facebook live to show you how to prepare your floofy dog for a date night. We lovingly referred to it as a doggie blowout. Mandy showed us how to do one on her own floofin. Check out the fun on our Facebook page and watch it now if you missed the live event.

Or if you just want the video without commentary, check it out here:

Which leads us to some of our favorite date night ideas:

  1. Movie and Grooming

What better way to spend a cozy evening in? Grab a brush, your floofin, and a good movie and get grooming. Your pet will love the time spent being rubbed and brushed (or at least the attention being paid to them if they aren’t into that whole spiffing up process) and you get a gorgeous result! All while being able to watch a good movie of your choice.

  1. Letting it Hang Out

We certainly don’t advocate for letting your pet hang their head out of the window of a car, if you have a neighborhood that you can get some car outing time in without being a nuisance this might be an option. Take you floofin out and let them hang their head out while you drive extremely slowly. No projectiles incoming at high rates of speed to damage the eyes, just a leisurely opportunity to sniff from the warmth of the car. It might also help you make sure your car still works if you haven’t been driving much lately.

  1. Photo Shoots

YES! There is nothing better than a great photo of your pet. Ask any pet lover how many pictures of their pet are on their phone and they may just tell you, “all of them.” Set up a time that you can pose your pet in those ways you always imagined and lock in memories now. Especially if you’ve given them the doggie blowout treatment and they are looking fine.

Be creative, have fun, but mostly enjoy your time with your floofin. We know it goes by quickly.

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