July 3, 2013

Pet Safety For Oak Park IL Fourth of July Celebrations

Author: Kristin Skelton

Residents of Oak Park, River Forest and Forest Park IL Will Celebrate With Fourth of July Fireworks, But May Spook Their Canine Residents

Pet Safety On The Fourth of JulyAnimal shelters, such as The Animal Care League  of Oak Park, IL,  will be busier than usual over this upcoming holiday weekend as many pets are found after being scared off by Fourth of July fireworks!

Oak Park holds a fantastic annual parade and fireworks display, but fireworks are often frightful experiences for pets, especially dogs. The loud noises can hurt their sensitive ears.

Frightened dogs have different reactions: some tremble at their owners’ feet, others hide, some try to run off or they can display bizarre behavior. Ordinarily well-behaved pets may become aggressive, destructive and/or unpredictable during the festivities.

Below are some precautions you can take to help your pets get through this year’s Fourth of July celebration:

1. IDs. Make sure pets are wearing well-fitted collars and securely fastened ID tags. In case your pet decides to fly the coop, these might help reunite you with your pets.

2. A Pet Zen Room. Find a quiet, secure place to keep your pets. Darkening the room can help. Make sure you give your pet safe chew toys to occupy and distract them during your celebration. Leaving a radio on low volume can also soothe frightened pets.

3. Stay Cool. Rather than cuddle a frightened dog, try to distract them from the disturbing noises with physical activity such as playing ball. Remember that scolding or coddling a scared dog will not help but only reinforce fearful behaviors. Instead, assume your role as pack leader and act confident and not bothered by the noise and activity outside.

4. Just Leave Them At Home. Do not leave pets outside, even in a fenced yard, if fireworks might be set off in the distance. Do not take pets to events with fireworks. Keep your pets home in their safe secure environment. If you need to be gone, hire a caring pet sitter to spend time engaging them in play during fireworks.

5. Anxiety Assistance. Vets can prescribe tranquilizers for extremely frightened dogs. Also, some people find that non-prescription remedies such as Bach Flower Rescue Remedy or Comfort Zone D.A.P. works wonders as well. The Thundershirt is also a great way to calm an anxious dog. Its constant pressure works to calm the nervous system.

About Bach Flower Rescue Remedy: Works wonders for animals that are impatient, fearful, has been through a traumatic situation, have fear of thunder and firework or do not feel themselves.

We hope this information helps you get your pet through your annual Fourth of July celebration. Happy Independence Day!

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