October 31, 2014

Ruff Life: Dog Food and Nutrition in Elmhurst

Author: Gail Brasie


Ruff Life: A New Place To Shop For Healthy Pets

As professional pet sitters and dog walkers, it is important to stay on top of other great local pet businesses. Chris Diederich has a long history in retail, but didn’t discover his passion until a few years ago. That passion, it turns out, is high-quality pet food and nutrition, inspired in part by his love of his family’s two Shih Tzus and an intense interest in their health. And so, Ruff Life opened on May 1st 2014 in Elmhurst, IL.

All of the edibles at Ruff Life are soy, wheat and corn-free. Absolutely nothing is from China. They carry a variety of brands in conventional forms like kibble and also offer a selection of raw food. If there is a brand you prefer that meets Ruff Life’s quality standards but that they do not regularly stock, they will order it just for you as often as you like. Ruff Life primarily sells food and edibles of the highest quality, but also offers toys, a neat selection of clothing/sweaters, leashes, collars and toys, and some grooming supplies.

Chris is very dedicated to supporting the community, emphasizing that supporting local businesses is vital for the economic health of the community. He also wants to dispel the notion that independent dog-food stores are necessarily more expensive than their big-box counterparts. It’s a myth, he says. Certainly, you can spend more money at a private enterprise, but you don’t have to. Ruff Life is able to offer some of its products for less than big box competitors, and other brands offer discounts and deals when sold out of small, independent businesses.

The staff at Ruff Life is delightful to talk to, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about nutrition for pets. They’re very customer-service oriented, have very high quality standards for the products they carry, and are more than happy to answer questions. The store itself is well-organized, neat, and easy to browse.

If you’re interested in local economy and healthy food and treats for your pets, check out Ruff Life:

126 Valette St,
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Phone: 630-359-4037

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