April 4, 2014

Product Review – Pawz Dog Boots

Author: Celeste Glassman


Muddy Paws In The Western Suburbs!? Pawz Dog Boots Might Be The Answer.

Spring is finally here in our home base of Elmhurst, which means dealing with melting snow for our dog walkers in Bloomingdale, muddy paws for our dog walkers in La Grange, and lots of paw wiping for our dog walkers in Woodridge! For the past year or so I’ve been using Pawz Dog Boots on all three of my dogs during spring, summer, fall, and winter months… and I love them! Pawz Dog Boots provide protection for my dogs’ paws and have saved me time and energy by keeping 12 paws dry and clean during all of our outdoor activities.

According to Pawz website, “Pawz is the world’s only disposable and reusable waterproof dog boot”. You can use the boots multiple times and once they wear out you throw them away. I usually get 5-10 wears out of each pair depending on nail length and intensity of the activity (i.e. just going outside for a relaxed walk or running around in the park). The boots are made of natural rubber, are 100% biodegradable, and stay on without any zippers or straps. You may be thinking that the amount of time it takes to put the boots on is the amount of time you would spend wiping paws. I thought that too until I spent over an hour cleaning a massive amount of mud out of the pads and nails of my three dogs after playing in the yard.

Pawz are designed to go on easily, fit securely, and provide traction. While it did take a couple of tries to figure out the best way to hold my dog’s paw to slip the snug balloon-like boot on, I can now boot up 12 paws in less than a minute. For me I hold the paw by the ankle and make sure the dew claw is tucked in before pulling them on. With a little patience, putting on Pawz can become routine before heading out for long walks or to the dog park. There is no padding in the boots which allows the dog to feel the ground. However, some dogs may need time to get used to the feeling of having something snug around their ankles before they are comfortable walking in them.

Pawz does not protect your dogs’ paws from nails/sharp objects or other items that can protrude through rubber. Pawz does not necessarily keep your dogs’ paws warm either, but it will keep them dry and clean from salt, lawn chemicals, mud and clay, hot pavement, dog park bacteria, etc. They are also useful when visiting family members who don’t want your dog on the carpet because “their paws might be dirty”.

Pawz Dog Boots come 12 to a pack with sizes ranging from tiny to large. Each size is a specific color and packs average $17.00 per pack. Pawz can be found at many boutiques and big box pet stores. For more information and reviews, check out their website at:

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