April 8, 2011

How Do You Stuff Your Kong?

Author: Kristin Skelton

A Discussion Of Kong Toys And What To Stuff In Them

My first experience with the Kong dates back to my first encounter with my in-laws’ dachshund Gabby. My father in-law called it a “bong” and it was so chewed it only resembled a strangely shaped ball and I thought, “what is the point of that strange toy?”

After Prissy and Porita became part of the family, my obsession with buying them things began. Pet parents, we all know we love to get our fur kids new toys and can hardly keep them hidden even if they are intended as holiday presents. It was then that I noticed this interesting toy in all of the big box pet stores called the Kong.

They came in pink and purple, red and black and seemed to have a vast variety of shapes and styles. The fun part was you could stuff treats inside them. They even had feathered versions with cat nip spray for our kitty friends and a Kong dispenser that would launch them into a room at various time intervals for pet parents while they were out. Kong has become a staple in every dogs toy box and for many of our clients, the last thing they get from us at the end of a dog walk or pet sitting visit.

The point of this blog is to discuss what people stuff in their Kongs and why, so here I go. Prissy and Porita are spoiled. All of our clients know this. They turn up their little noses at Kong canned spray peanut butter and the little Kong stuffing biscuits. Plus with Portia’s food allergies, I have limited ingredients to work with.

Our P&P Kong recipe, as I like to call it, consists of a bottom layer of dried liver; the desert layer. This is then topped with dehydrated chicken or turkey; the main course layer. This layer is then capped off with a plug made by a Stella & Chewy’s Lamb treat which acts as the appetizer. The Stella & Chewy’s treats are the exact right size to plug a small Kong so it works out perfectly. This Kong keeps Prissy and Porita busy for at least 30 minutes and they leap for joy when I ask them if they want a Kong. We also sometimes mix in some peanut butter between the appetizer and main course to make it even more challenging.

I would love to hear from other Kong advocates and share in the comments section other awesome Kong recipes as well as usage ideas from cat Kong users. OK… discuss! In the meantime, here are some good Kong links:

Kong Home

Kong Recipes

FYI. If anyone is curious, this is an unsolicited endorsement of the Kong. We like this toy and hope you find our thoughts useful. Besides, it is after all called “The Worlds Best Dog Toy”.


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