December 9, 2015

2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Floofins

Author: Gail Brasie


Only The Best Pet Holiday Gifts For Your Floofins

It’s that time of year again! As we gear up for the Holidays, make sure to include your floofins in the gift-giving cheer. Below are some ideas for stocking-stuffers and holiday gift options for your fur babies.

For Dogs:

  1. Taking your pup on a long walk or hike? Check out the Dexas H-DuO with Companion Cup; this water bottle has two separate chambers for different liquids, one chamber for you and one chamber for water for you dog. It also comes with a collapsible drinking dish for your dog that attaches via mini carabiner.
  2. iFetch Too —This highly-anticipated new product is a version of the already-popular automatic ball launcher iFetch, but this one is designed for larger dogs. Great for supervised play, and with a little training, this toy can be used by some dogs when alone as well.
  3. The BŪmi Tug Toy by West Paw Design is durable, easy-to-grab and made to be flung far distances—Made in the USA, this toy is much-loved by dogs and is available in two sizes. Great for vigorous games of fetch and tug-of-war. This toy is designed for supervised play.
  4. Your dogs are awesome, so show them some love! Plato Pet Treats are a favorite with dogs—these organic, made-in-the-USA treats are packed with healthy protein. Plato’s newest is their Hundur’s Crunch line—they’re fish treats! Made from Icelandic cod skin and golden redfish skin.
  5. Soggy Doggy Slobber Swabber—Ok, this gift is more for you than your dog,  but you deserve something too! Clean smudges and slobber off of windows, floors and other surfaces.

For Cats:

  1. Arty cat scratcher from P.L.A.Y—these streamlined, super-attractive cat scratchers come as a nesting set and look more like modern furniture than traditional cat scratchers. Available in a few color combinations, they feature multiple angles to attack and scratch for the best experience for your cat.
  2. Neko Birbug Toy with Telescoping Rod by Nekochan Enterprises, Inc—designed to imitate a cat’s prey, this toy and telescoping rod foster fantastic, energetic and interactive play for you and your cat. As with all string toys, this is designed for supervised play.
  3. Kitty Play Zone—great for families with cats and kids, this cardboard playhouse is fun to assemble and is a nice play or hangout spot for a cat—cats do love cardboard boxes! It features a loft area and climbing pole, and two stainless steel feeding bowls that fit into slots inside the house.
  4. Kinn Kleanbowl—food bowls can get pretty dirty, even despite our best efforts. These bowls from Kinn use disposable inner food dishes that you set into a metal outer bowl—genius. Available in multiple sizes, these can be used for dogs too.
  5. If your cats are into raw and freeze-dried treats, try Freeze Dried Salmon Steak Niblets by Fresh is Best. For dogs and cats, these treats/meal toppers are 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon and made in the USA.

At Floofins & Co, we love shopping local and we’re sure you do too—now is a great time to visit your local pet boutiques and specialty stores to stock up on your favorite food, toys and gifts.

Happy Holidays and good luck in your shopping endeavors!  A special thank you to Ruff Life in Elmhurst and Two Bostons in Naperville for some helpful gift suggestions!

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