July 10, 2013

Veterinary Acupuncture in Downers Grove, IL

Author: Gail Brasie

Veterinary Acupuncture Can Address Many Ailments Your Pet May Be Facing

Veterinary AcupunctureVeterinary Acupuncture for pets can be beneficial in treating a variety of ailments and illnesses, and is a method of complementary medicine that is gaining popularity in Downers Grove, IL, other Western Suburbs and around the country.  You’re probably familiar with the idea of acupuncture, since it’s also popular in treating human people, but the basic premise is the application of tiny needles in key points of the body to redirect “chi” or energy.

A few of the issues veterinary acupuncture can address are:

  • arthritis,
  • allergies,
  • chronic pain,
  • anxiety,
  • pain from trauma such as dog fights, accidents or falls,
  • metabolic diseases such as renal disease,
  • incontinence and UTIs

The American Veterinary Medical Association takes acupuncture seriously, stating that it should be considered a valid medical practice requiring training and experience. Acupuncture is included in most vet training programs as complementary or alternative medicine such as at the VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital in Downers Grove, IL

One of the major arguments for veterinary acupuncture is that it serves as an alternative to medication, which can have serious side effects for your pets.  If your dog or cat is one a type of medication and receiving acupuncture treatments, you don’t have to worry about drug interactions

Right  now I bet  you’re asking “do you really expect my energetic Lab/Pitbull/Shiba Inu to sit still for a 20 minute appointment with needles in her back?” Actually, most of the time the dog can move around while the needles are in place, as long as she doesn’t immediately try to knock them out. From everything I’ve heard and read, it seems like most of the time the needles don’t bother the dogs much at all.  However, there are alternatives for dogs that cannot do the needle thing, such as acupressure.

The positive feedback about veterinary (and human) acupuncture is largely anecdotal, but there is a LOT of it. It’s been covered in the NY times  and the Huffington Post. I’m thinking this isn’t a fad, because people cite their dog’s and cat’s improvement all the time, and this has been going on for a while. I personally know several smart, dedicated dog parents who swear by it, and I trust them.

At Floofins, we’re pet care specialists, not vets, but if your dog or cat has an issue that may be addressed by acupuncture, maybe we’ve inspired you to check it out, find a vet, and give it a shot.

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