March 25, 2015

Potty Training For Puppy And Litter Box Placement For Kitten

Author: Kristin Skelton


Tips For Successful Potty Training For Puppy and Litter Box Placement for Kitten

Spring is always new puppy and kitten season at Floofins & Co. We always look forward to meeting lots of new furry faces as many pet parents make the commitment to new fur kids each spring. One thing we are always asked when speaking with a new pet parent is, what do you know about potty training and liter box placement? So, here are a few tips to help you gear up for your new furry additions. These tips will help your new puppy and kitten learn how to live happily and comfortably amongst their new human family.

Potty Training For Puppy

Where? Before you pick up the new bundle of fur, think about where you want to teach your dog to eliminate. Do you live in a home with a fenced in yard? Do you live in a condo on a high floor? Will you be working with a dog walking service when you are away during work hours? Think through what you want to teach your new puppy and what will work best with your daily schedule. Will your pet be best taught to eliminate outside? Do you prefer they learn to eliminate on potty pads or on a porch patch? Decide what will work best for you and pre plan to ensure that your training and schedule will remain consistent.

Patience. Remember puppies are essentially small children with even smaller attention spans. They will need to gradually learn what is OK when it comes to elimination. Consistency is key and remember that your puppy is not trying to be a bad dog when they have accidents. They are little and still learning what behaviors are acceptable amongst their new human families. Sixteen (16) weeks is usually when you can expect things to start clicking in place so don’t worry too much about accidents before then.

Feeding Schedule. Part of good housebreaking is getting your puppy on a feeding schedule. Talk to your veterinarian about what schedule is most appropriate for your puppy. This will help your puppy regulate their bowel movements making potty training more predictable for you. Don’t let them free feed all day. This will make expectations for let out times that much harder.

Stay Positive. Don’t hit, rub your puppy’s nose in their mess or yell at your puppy. This often causes regression in potty training efforts. If there is an accident, take them outside. Give them praise for going potty outside or at the spot you designate. Create a positive relationship between positive energy and your puppy going potty where they are supposed to.

Clean It Up. Make sure you purchase an odor removal spray and use it each time your puppy has an accident. This will remove the urine scent and it will be less likely your puppy will remark the area.


Litter Box Placement For Kitten

The Rule Of Plus One. Know the rule of plus one. At a minimum, you should have one litter box per cat plus one. This is especially necessary in multi-cat homes!

Privacy. Cats naturally like privacy. They are hunters in the wild and don’t want to be caught with their guard down. Place your boxes in a low traffic area such as a closet, laundry room or guest bathroom. If you choose a laundry room or utility room, place it away from the noisy appliances.

Avoid The Stairs. Avoiding stairs, or at least having a box that is on the main level, is especially important for kittens. Kittens tend to avoid the stairs when they are young and if the only boxes available are upstairs they may avoid the box.

Open Access. Once you have found your spots, make sure you leave doors open. It can be easy to accidentally close a door to a closet or utility room and cut off your kitten’s access. Remind all family members and pet sitters of litter box locations so access is always granted.

Daily Scoop. Scoop your boxes daily. Dirty boxes can also cause litter box avoidance. Also look for healthy litter options. Clay and other scoopable litters can leave a dusty residue that is not healthy for your kitten’s lungs, or your own. Look for alternatives such as wheat litters.


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