June 15, 2016

Poop Happens

Author: Kristin Skelton


A Journey Into The World Of Poop

By Jennifer Blaese “The Poop Bag Girl”
Guest Blogger

Five years ago I began a journey, which changed my “daily doodie” of scooping poop. I never thought that someday I would be known as “The Poop Bag Girl,” a title I proudly embrace. Will you remember my name? Probably not, but you’ll remember I’m a doggie mom with a passion for poop and plastic!

You’re wondering, “why poop bags?”
I did the math (each dog uses 3 bags/day x 365 days/year). As a dog owner with 2 dogs, I was buying over 4000 poop bags a year! That’s a lot of poop! Carrying the bags was always a challenge and I had spent a lot of money on unsightly dispensers that were easily broken and hard to use. I thought there had to be a better way to tote the bags. It should be cool, functional, and compliment my dogs’ leashes and lifestyle. After more than 10 prototypes and hours of testing “in the field,” Loop for Poop was born: super cool, easy to use and refillable.

Next order of business: make poop bags. Easy, right?
I considered the options that were on the market. I found poop bags labeled “green, Earth- or eco-friendly, biodegradable, degradable, and compostable.”  Those sound like good options, but I wanted the best option. After doing some research, I found that the “end-of-life” cycle is critical. A poop bag’s end-of-life is a landfill, free of sunlight and oxygen.

Here is the “dirty truth” about plastic poop bags.
I discovered that plain plastic poop bags and poop bags labeled biodegradable or degradable do not break down in a landfill environment. These bags require UV light (sunlight) and oxygen to break down which are not present in a landfill environment. Some companies label the additive technology used in their products. If you take the extra step to visit the additive companies’ websites, the elements required to activate their technology are clearly stated.

The other option was compostable bags made from starches such as corn, sugarcane, and beetroot require commercial composting. This type of plastic requires extremely high heat, nitrogen, water, and oxygen to break down, elements not present in a landfill environment. Compostable bags may sound like a good option, but bags filled with poop are not allowed.

GreenLine Poop Bags were developed with a mission: save the world “One Poop at a Time.”
I took on the challenge and developed GreenLine Poop Bags, the first landfill biodegradable poop bags on the market. Made of special sauce, my bags fully biodegrade in a landfill environment without the need for sunlight or oxygen.

I even have proof! I had an independent lab test the rate of biodegradation and the results were impressive. GreenLine is proven to fully biodegrade in an anaerobic environment (a.k.a. landfill) within 28 months!

FLOOFINS & Co. is leading the cause in Chicago!
Kristin and her team are spreading the news in your neighborhood. I’m so happy to make new friends that have a passion for scooping the poop as much as I do. They are the first team of professional pet sitters in the Chicagoland area to make GreenLine Poop Bags part of their “daily doodie.” Not only do they care about your furry family, they care about the planet too!

Floofins & Co. is a team, but people often ask me how they can make a difference as individuals. You may not have an electric car or solar panels, but you can make a change. I’m one girl flying solo and I choose to fight the growing poopy problem. Do the math and see how you can make a difference, “One Poop at a Time.”

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