June 24, 2013

Pet Allergies in Elmhurst, Oak Brook and Surrounding Areas

Author: Gail Brasie

Wet Weather in Elmhurst, Oak Brook and Surrounding Areas May Cause Itchy Paws And Other Allergy Related Problems

Pet AllergiesPets are as susceptible to allergies as humans are, and often suffer itchy skin and skin irritation from allergies to seasonal culprits like ragweed, pollen, and mold.  This summer with the recent flooding in areas like Elmhurst and Oak Brook mold counts are higher, and you and your pets may be feeling it.

The list of allergy symptoms found in dogs is fairly extensive as well as broad, ranging from foot chewing to the aforementioned itchy, irritated skin, but can also include:

  •       vomiting,
  •       diarrhea
  •       sneezing
  •       ear and eye infections, and more. 

Finding out what your dog is allergic to can be a tricky, time-consuming process, and should be done with the aid of your vet.

Other types of allergies exist in pets, including food allergies and contact allergies.  Contact allergies arise when a pet comes into direct contact with something in the environment and these can vary from cleaning solutions or perfumes to a whole host of other things. 

So if your dog has allergies, what do you do?  Bathing sometimes helps, as it can remove allergens from the outside which will help calm itching.  There are certain medications available, but through prescription from your vet.  A holistic measure that works for some folks is acupuncture.

If your pet is allergic to something in your home, you should probably get rid of it once you’ve identified it as the source of your dog’s continual discomfort.  Allergies to fleas can cause terrible itching; flea prevention is fairly doable, although watch out for certain flea-prevention and control products, as these can trigger a severe reaction in your dog.  Regarding fleas, talk to your vet. 

Dealing with food allergies is, by all accounts, a long and frustrating process that involves a strict specialized diet that must be followed to the letter until the food allergen is identified and then removed from the dog’s diet. 

Whatever allergy or allergies your pet may be suffering from, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone and that there are several options for treatment and prevention. 

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