October 23, 2019

National Cat Day

Author: Jennifer Houghton


You’ve heard the saying, that every dog has his day? Well, on October 29th, our feline floofins get a day of their own! National Cat Day.

Every year, according to, 4 million cats enter shelters every year, and 1-2 million are euthanized. The day is designed to raise awareness and encourage adoption of our furry feline friends.

The team at National Today surveyed 1,000 people to come up with some pretty fun facts and numbers. We are going to share some of our favorites, but you can read the entire article at


  • 44% of those surveyed own at least one cat.
  • 57% of these cat parents own just one cat.
  • 46% tell their cats that they love them.


When surveyed whether they were a cat person or a dog person:

  • 14.2% said they were cat people;
  • 34.9% said they love cats and dogs equally;
  • 5.1% said they don’t like animals; and
  • 45.8% said they were dog people.

We aren’t really sure about that 5.1% who don’t like animals, but we are guessing they aren’t reading our blog today.

Things you might want to consider doing on National Cat Day include adopting a cat, donating to a shelter, or volunteering at a local shelter.

For those of you who read my blog post about my niece’s desire to get a cat, “Dad, I Want a Cat!” , you may be excited to find out that she now has a kitten. An abandoned kitten was found near my brother’s workplace and they adopted it. They named it Marshmallow.

Finally, one final fun fact from the folks at National Today: “Have you ever closely examined a cat’s nose? Those bumps and ridges are exclusive to each individual cat and can be used as an identifier—just like a fingerprint can be used to identify a human.”

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