March 8, 2015

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He LOVES Me – A Dog’s Affection

Author: Celeste Glassman


How Does Your Dog Show Their Affection?

I’m sure we all have said a time or two, “If only my dog could talk.” And sometimes we talk in baby voices for them, telling ourselves exactly what we think they are saying. We show our pets we love them in different ways and while we may wonder if they love us back, when we break down our dog’s behavior it’s evident they reciprocate our love. How? Here are my top three signs of doggie affection.

1.Tail Wagging. We can determine a lot about a dog’s emotional state by watching their tail. However, not all tail wags mean happiness. Some dogs wag their tail to communicate fear, tension or even forthcoming aggression. My bet is the majority of our dog’s tail wagging is out of love! You know, the wiggle butt, helicopter tail, the “I’m so happy to see you” wag.

2. Licking. The sloppy wet kisses on the face, or the incessant licking on any bare skin does mean something and is often interpreted as affection. The face licking can be traced back to when wolf pups would lick their mother’s faces to signal hunger. Since domestication has occurred the feeding process for pups has changed, but the instinct remains. Licking may also be a sign of submission to let you know they are not a threat. Or your dog may be licking to simply groom you. Dogs groom each other as a sign of affection when a solid bond is created. I think it’s safe to say that we can interpret grooming as a sign of love.

3. Loyalty. I think we have all experienced the furry shadow that follows us around the house. Many dogs look to be apart of a ‘pack’ and it isn’t in their nature to be alone or seek out isolation. This type of devotion is truly a sign of love.

Do your pets have any quirky ways of showing they love you? Share your pictures with us on our Facebook page.

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