June 14, 2017

June is the ASPCA’s Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Author: Meghan Flynn

Adopt A Shelter Cat Today!

Did you know that June is the ASPCA’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month? Every year there are so many cats that are found and brought to shelters but may end up being euthanized because of the massive overflow of cats in these shelters. When considering getting a cat, always look into your local shelters; there are probably many cats to choose from, even kittens if you specifically want a kitten instead of an older cat. Every spring there are more and more kittens being born because there is an increase in feline breeding during this time. Also, there are not enough cats that are spayed or neutered, contributing to the overflow of cats in the world. If you have a cat, it is also a good idea to get them spayed or neutered to prevent accidental pregnancies.

According to their site on Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, the ASPCA’s Adoption Center in New York City is currently waiving any adoption fees if you decide to adopt a cat over three years old, and you also get a free cat toy! This page from The Anticruelty Society talks about how many people also seem to forget that cats are trainable as well, not just dogs! Training can make cats even greater pets to have. Many cats are also very playful, on their terms of course!

If you can’t adopt a cat, there are other ways you can help. Some ways would be just raising awareness about Adopt a Shelter Cat Month by posting about it on social media. As this page from Petfinder points out, posting on your Facebook status or Twitter page and giving others the link to do so can help spread the word about it. You can also contact your local shelter and ask if they have any donation wish lists or any flyers that you could help post around.

If you are not able to actually keep a cat long-term, you could foster one until they find their forever home. Fostering is a temporary home where the cat would have a safe and loving place to stay till they found someone that would take them to their forever home. Animal shelters only have so much room and so much staff, so they are not always able to provide all the attention the cats may need. Fostering helps with this and keeps the cats happy and cared for in a safe environment. Volunteering at a shelter is great too! Just helping feed, play with, and clean up after some shelter cats can help a lot and really contribute to the cats’ well-being.

Another thing you could do, if adopting, fostering, or volunteering aren’t on the roster, is to donate some money to help fund your local shelters so that they have the proper supplies to help care for all the animals. For June, you can even make your donation in honor of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

There are many ways to help out our furry friends in need. Many homeless cats go without ever finding a loving home. Helping out in any way, whether it be adopting from a shelter, fostering, donating, or raising awareness, are all steps further into making sure all our animals in the world are taken care of.

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