July 29, 2011

How To Find Your Lost Snake

Author: Kristin Skelton

From The Novice Snake Owner To The Experienced, Snakes Can Escape From Their Tank. Here Are Some Tips To Help You Find Your Escape Artist Snake.

Due to its basic nature, a snake can end up almost anywhere if it escapes from its tank. Don’t dismiss a hiding place because you think it is too small or inaccessible. Snakes, lizards and even small mammals can fit through and into surprisingly small spaces.

Being methodical in your search isn’t always enough. In many cases, you should suspect your snake will be hiding in the most unlikely places. Here are some tips to help you find your little escape artist:

  1. Drawers. Check anywhere and anything that has drawers: dressers, bureaus, desks, the kitchen and all other drawers in the home. Unfold all clothes and empty all drawers. Drawers are fabulous hiding places for an escaped snake or small pet.
  2. Shoes. Look inside of every pair of shoes in your home. Again, another nice warm hiding spot for your missing snake.
  3. Beds. Remove sheets and pillow cases. Remove the mattress from the box spring. There are lots of hiding places between the components of the bed and the bedding for your sneaky little friend to hide.
  4. Closets. All clothing should be removed and searched. Closets are nice and warm and there are many available hiding spots. You wouldn’t want to have a snake pop out of your pocket while getting ready for work.
  5. The Bathroom. Remove drain pipes and open the back of the toilet. Pipes are another cozy hiding place for your snake.
  6. Warm Spots. Look inside your computer, in and near heating ducts, behind the refrigerator, in, under and behind the oven. These are all places that a snake might go to warm themselves.
  7. Bookshelves. Look behind the books, under the books, on top of the books. Some snakes like to climb and shelves are a great place for them to hide.

If you have exhausted all possible hiding places, make sure their cage is left open, and place favorite treat or food around and in cage. Many pets, even snakes, do consider their cage their home and will return to it given the chance.

You can also place foil around the room (or crinkly plastic) in potential hiding places so you can hear your pet moving around. Also consider sprinkling some flour on the floor in areas where you suspect your pet might be hiding. You might get a set of footprints to help you in your search.

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