September 22, 2017

Happy Cat Month

Author: Lynn Gricus

Celebrating Happy Cats!

Did you know September is Happy Cat Month?

Dogs may have the Dog Days of Summer, but September is all about our furry feline friends! Here are some ways in which to keep your cat happy and healthy not only this month, but all year long.  

Microchip your cat. Microchips are a useful way to keep track of your cat in the event your furry friend gets lost. The chips have links to a pet’s veterinarian and owner so a lost animal can be reunited quickly with its owner. It’s also recommended to have the chip tested during your cat’s annual veterinary visit to make sure it’s working properly.

Consider preventative medications. Heartworms are a risk even for indoor felines, and in severe cases, can require surgical intervention to eradicate. Flea infestation can be downright miserable for both kitty and owner, and ticks may carry dangerous diseases. Discuss options and solutions with your veterinarian to keep these unwelcome parasites at bay.

Provide scratchers. Scratching activity is not only a handy way to remove the dead outer layer of kitty’s claws, but also marks their territory, both visually and with scent. This natural behavior also serves like a feline version of yoga…to stretch and flex the body and claws

Toys, toys, and more toys! Natural hunters, cats thrive when stimulated by playthings that mimic behaviors they’d engage with in the wild. Stalking a stuffed mouse, the joy of the pounce, or chasing a feathered plush toy, make for a happy, exercised cat. New and interesting toys, like colorful springs, wool pom poms, or even electronic toys which make bird sounds can provide stimulation to your feline friend.

Provide feline socialization. Get another cat? Why not? Cats are social creatures, and many enjoy the company of other cats. For play, exercise, or just to laze about in a patch of sun, life can be better with friends. With options available at shelters in your area, one of them is sure to have a friend for your favorite feline.

Bring the outdoors indoors….or take kitty outside for some sun and fun! Pet stores stock cat harnesses and leashes for a reason, and that’s because some cats enjoy the walking experience as much as dogs. Other felines must be coaxed, but with patience and time, you might be surprised how much your cat loves the fresh air, warm sun, and feel of grass on his feet.

TLC. This one seems obvious, but making time to give a reassuring pet to even the shyest kitties is necessary for human/cat bonding, is good to bring down your stress levels, and gives you a chance to detect any changes in your pet, such as lumps, bumps, or injuries.

Here’s wishing all our furry feline friends a Happy Cat Month!


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