May 3, 2019

Fun Facts about Fish!

Author: Tina Tuszynski

Did you know there are over 30,000 known species of fish? Here are some interesting facts about fish!

  • Some fish can recognize their owner’s faces and have a conscious understanding of their surroundings.
  • Fish play!!
  • Saltwater fish drink water.
  • Goldfish can remember things for up to five months, and can even be trained to associate sounds with feeding time, according to studies.
  • Fish communicate with each other using a variety of low pitched sounds.
  • Fish sleep! Since they do not have eyelids, they sleep with their eyes wide open. They typically will rest towards the bottom of the bed of water they inhabit. Fish do not lie down.
  • In aquariums, fish sleep when the lights are turned off.
  • Fish can suffer from sleep deprivation and sleep disorders.
  • Since a fish’s jaw is not attached to its skull, many fish can shoot their mouths forward like a spring to catch startled prey.
  • A fish can drown in water. Like humans, fish need oxygen, so if there isn’t enough oxygen in the water, they will suffocate.

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