November 23, 2016

Floofy Photos

Author: Celeste Glassman


Pet Photos. We All Have Them!

Be honest, how many photos do you have on your cell phone? Hundreds? Thousands? Ok, how many of those photos are of your pets? Our pets are our family and it’s no surprise pet photography is on the rise. As pet sitters and dog walkers we are always trying to capture the silly, happy, and relaxed moments to share with our clients. Check out these tips from professional photographers for snapping the perfect shot of your floofin.


As pet parents it’s easy to get excited when we see our pets doing something cute or laying in the perfect position. They always seem to stop what they’re doing when we scramble for our camera. This is especially true when we try to force the cuteness. “Sit, Sit, Look Here! Sit.” Sometimes our pets feed off excited behavior and their body language doesn’t always translate well when photographed in this state. Take a deep breath and go with the flow!

Focus on facial expressions

Want to capture the perfect head tilt? Try letting out a little puppy whine. You know the whine a pup lets out when they don’t want you to leave? The eyes and ears are very expressive parts of our pets’ bodies and make engaging photos when they’re looking right at the camera.


If you’re looking to print or post your photo on social media, check out your surroundings and clean up any clutter that may be distracting in the background or on the floor. This is especially true for any items of value. Your pet should be the main focus!

Get on their level

A photo of your floof looking up at you can be quite cute but the photo can become much more engaging when you get down on their level, or as the pros say, “in their world.” You might be able to get the best shot by laying on the ground while your pup is running towards you with a ball. You can practice using your camera at your hip to capture those moments.

Avoid flash

Flash can be unnerving for your pet. Especially for those pets in tanks or cages, a camera flash often creates a white spot where it reflected off the glass or metal. Natural light is best to avoid washout on lighter color fur or feathers. Just like humans, pets can photograph with red eye too!

Move slowly

Quick or sudden movements can change the body language of your pet in a split second. This is especially important when photographing cats and the relaxed dog. Lots of noise and activity can be enough to make a kitty hide or dog get up to investigate why you’re trying to lay on the floor.


Don’t forget to pay your model. High value treats or food can offer the motivation needed to get those desirable photos. Your pets can get frustrated when they don’t know what you’re asking them to do. Get creative and use the cues your pets already know. Toys can also offer the motivation needed and make for fun action shots.

Finally, tell a story with your imagery. Create a concept and capture the moments that bring out the deep feelings we have for our pets. Companionship, love, hope, fearlessness, the list goes on! Happy snapping!

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