June 22, 2016

The Best Location For Your Parrot’s Cage

Author: Gail Brasie


Placing A Parrot’s Cage Can Be Tricky

Adding a pet bird to your family? Fantastic! But where do you put the parrot’s cage? Below are some tips on proper placement for your little bird sanctuary.

Even though it seems like they would enjoy the view, parrot cages should not be placed directly in front of a window because the wildlife outside may frighten your bird. If possible, put the cage in a place where the bird can see outside without being right in front of a window.

Choose a location that provides some shelter, like the corner of a room. At least one side of the cage should be facing a wall, two if possible, and maybe even three. This will help your pet bird feel safe—birds in the wild shelter in trees, whose branches and leaves offer ample protection from view. The location of the cage should allow your bird a view of the room from his protected spot.

Beware of drafts—either from windows or your AC unit. Also, please don’t put your bird’s cage in the kitchen. Parrots are much more susceptible to toxic fumes than people because of their lung structure. Teflon pans on high heat can poison birds. And please, no bird cages in the garage, basement, or laundry room! Also, make certain your parrot cannot reach any cords—electrical or the kind for closing window blinds—with his feet or beak, as this can cause serious injury or death.

Parrots in the wild do not live in isolation; your parrot should live in a room the family frequents, such as the den, family room or office. Parrots need interaction each day. That being said, avoid putting your birdcage in the most high-traffic area of the house because all the noise and movement can cause fear and anxiety in your parrot. Parrots need a lot of sleep so a quiet space at night is a must. Also be sure to cover the cage with a blanket at bedtime so your bird gets good sleep.

Finding the perfect spot for your birdcage can be a bit tricky, but it’ll make for a healthier, happier bird.

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