Our Team 2

Kristin S.


After having issues finding exceptional in-home pet care for her own floofins, Portia and Priscilla, Kristin Skelton left the corporate world with a mission to create “A Kenneling Alternative” for fellow pet parents.

Kristin spent 8+ years in the architectural, engineering and construction industry as a professional services marketer while pursuing her MBA at Northern Illinois University in the evenings. After graduating, Kristin found that spending her new found spare time at PAWS Chicago working with homeless animals was a rewarding use of her time.

After moving to Elmhurst, IL, Kristin saw a real need for a professionally run in-home pet care alternative. As both a passionate animal lover and savvy businesswoman, the creation Floofins & Company was the perfect combination of work and play. Kristin constantly strives to keep up with the latest and greatest practices in the pet care industry and connects with clients to meet their pet’s unique needs.

Along with managing the day-to-day activities of Floofins & Co. and it’s long-term vision, Kristin enjoys participating in dance and aerial classes, kayaking along the local waterways with her husband Chris and also hanging out doing “little kid and baby things” with their son Samuel and daughter Eden.

Portia S.

CFO (Chief Food Officer)

Portia Skelton is one of two “Original Floofins”. Portia enjoys walks around Elmhurst, IL after peak company dog walking hours, playing tug of war with “floppy bone”, TREATS and most of all, breakfast and dinner time at the Floofins & Co. Headquarters.

The highlight of Portia’s work life is testing all of the treats we give away at local pet events. Everything we give away at our booth has been thoroughly tested and is Portia Approved!.

Priscilla S.

CNO (Chief Napping Officer)

Priscilla Skelton is one of two “Original Floofins”. Prissy enjoys chewing on bully sticks that are bigger than her, running around with stuffed toys bigger than her head (think, four foot stuffed squeaky caterpillar), and napping with her litter mate on their faux fur bed.

The highlight of Prissy’s work life is representing Floofins & Co. in our “Just Leave Me At Home” advertisements. She is a great little mascot, but come visit with her early if you see her at an event, because she is usually… napping.