May 3, 2011

Tuesday Dog Traning Tip – Positive Reinforcement

Author: Michele Hatley

What Exactly Is Positive Reinforcement?

[tubepress video=”XqWM8ErDU6U” theme=”fandco”]

The term positive reinforcement gets thrown around a lot, but what exactly is it? Positive Reinforcement means that something is added to the situation that will increase the likely hood that a particular behavior will happen again.

If Buffy sits and I give her a treat that she really likes, it’s likely that she’ll do this again because the consequence of her sitting was something she liked.

Using positive reinforcement keeps it fun for you and for your dog. It creates a bond and a healthy working relationship that will allow you to do further training with your pet. Plus, the opportunities are endless!

The Dog Saving Network is a group that I’m involved with that promotes shelter adoptions and the use of positive reinforcement training. Attached is a thank you video dedicated to everyone that has donated to the organization for our upcoming stage show later this year. All behaviors seen were trained using positive reinforcement – look out for the scruffy black and white dog, she’s mine!

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