May 15, 2024

Top Three Tips for Pet-Proofing for Your Pet Sitter

Author: Kristin Skelton
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You’ve booked the trip and confirmed your Floofins & Co. pet sitter to care for your pets while you’re away. We can’t wait to see your floofins! Before you jet off to exotic locales (or a relaxing staycation,) there’s a pending step: pet-proofing your home for your sitter’s arrival. By taking some simple precautions, you can ensure a stress-free experience for yourself, your pet, and your sitter. Today, we’re sharing our top three tips for pet-proofing for your pet sitter so you can turn your home into a safe and secure haven for your pet while you’re away.

Top Tips for Pet-Proofing for Your Pet Sitter: Think Like a Floofin

Before you start puppy or kitty-proofing your home before vacation, try to see the world from your pet’s perspective. Because our pets have different vantage points and distinct impulses than we do, you want to catch any dangers that may be at their eye level, but not in yours.

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  • Start at the Nose & Mouth: Put away anything tempting that could be a choking or intoxication hazard, like medications, cleaning supplies, or even houseplants, some of which are toxic to pets. Also, pick up and store chew toys that usually require supervision to avoid accidents and emergencies
  • Hide the Food & Treats: Pets can get themselves into trouble when temptation lurks. For this reason, we urge you to keep your food and treats in airtight containers, cabinets, or in the fridge to keep your pet from helping him or herself once you’re gone.
  • Think About Paws & Tails: Secure loose wires, tuck away dangling curtains, and move any precarious knick-knacks that could become the collateral damage of a wagging tail or curious kitty
  • Appeal to The Familiar: Leave out familiar items like your pet’s favorite bed, blanket, or a worn t-shirt with your scent on it to provide comfort while you’re away
  • Secure Your Yard: Check your fence for weaknesses and repair any loose boards or gaps. Ensure your gates latch securely, and consider a lock for good measure. With a lock, you don’t have to worry about a gate blowing open or being left open by accident
  • Consider a Crate: If your dog is still getting himself into trouble when left alone, consider crate training him or her. Crate training takes time, therefore, start early. Schedule pet sitting visits accordingly to ensure your dog isn’t crated longer than is considered safe.

Top Tips for Pet-Proofing for Your Pet Sitter: Think Like a Pet Sitter

Communication is key to our success as professional pet sitters. It’s because we take communication and transparency so seriously that we use scheduling software and provide real-time visit updates. For communication to work, however, it has to go both ways. For this reason, we request the following cooperation from you:

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  • Leverage Your Pet’s Profile: Complete your pet’s profile as if it were a comprehensive pet care manual for your sitter. Include details like usual feeding times, medication details, routines, and any special needs your pet might have. Provide clear instructions on the equipment you want us to use, location of leashes, harnesses, and other supplies, as well as playtime preferences
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Label: Label food containers with clear instructions to avoid confusion, especially if you have multiple pets with different dietary needs. We welcome notes or labels on pet-related supplies as long as they do not contradict the instructions provided in your Precise Petcare profile
  • Update Emergency Contact List: Update your list of emergency contacts, including your veterinarian’s number, a trusted neighbor, and of course, your contact information in Precise Pet Care. We want to ensure your village is ready to support you while you’re away, if needed

Top Tips for Pet-Proofing for Your Pet Sitter: Think Like a Homeowner

Leaving your pet at home has many benefits for the pet, but it’s also great for your home. During visits, your pet sitter will alternate lights, bring in mail and packages, and make the home appear occupied. Before you leave on your much-needed vacation or work trip, consider the following:

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  • Identify a Home Emergency Contact: We encourage you to identify a home emergency contact like a loved one, a handyman, or a helpful neighbor that we can call on if we find a potential home-related hazard during visits. Please provide their contact information in your client profile and let them know that you’ve listed them as your home maintenance contact
  • Chat with your Management Company: If you have a management company or HOA, they may want to know who you’ve hired to look after your pets. Discuss your plans with them and complete any related paperwork
  • Leave Cleaning Supplies: We request that you leave a few key cleaning items for us to use in case we find an accident or mess. Consider leaving cleaning supplies in a plastic tub to keep them safe from your pet and accessible to us
  • Make Sure We Can Get In: We need uninterrupted access to your home during visits. If you have changed door locks or codes since our last visit, contact us immediately to ensure we have all we need to access your home and care for your pet. Codes alone can be updated in Precise Petcare
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By following these simple steps, you can create a safe and secure environment for your pet while you’re away, allowing you to relax and enjoy your travels knowing your furry friend is in the best hands. If possible, we recommend scheduling a practice visit with your pet sitter before your trip. A test run will help refresh your pet’s memory of their caregiver and allow your pet sitter to catch any missing information or potential hazards in and around the home.

At Floofins & Co. we wholeheartedly believe that pets are happiest at home. With a few precautions, ongoing communication, and proper preparation, we are confident that you too will be happiest leaving your pets at home and in our care.

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