Monthly Puppy Break Packages

Two 15-minute Puppy Breaks Per Day
24-pack of 15-minute breaks ($29/day)
Best for 3 days per week. A $12/mo. savings!
32-pack of 15-minute breaks ($28/day)
Best for 4 days per week. A $32/mo. savings!
40-pack of 15-minute breaks ($27/day)
Best for 5 days per week. A $60/mo. savings!

Puppy Breaks are reserved for our newest floofins 6 months of age and younger. $3 will be added for each additional puppy per visit. $10 will be added per visit on holidays. Puppy Breaks are available M-F ONLY, 8AM-8PM. Packages expire 5 weeks from the first day of use.