October 11, 2011

Michele’s Tuesday Training Tip – Adopt and Train!

Author: Michele Hatley

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Don’t Shy Away From Adoption! Learn To Prevent Behavioral Problems Through Training.

With October being recognized as Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, I wanted to put a plug out there to promote adoptions.  My first adoptee is my scruffy black and white mix named Buffy. When I was attending college in Indiana I volunteered at a humane society in town and it was my first time seeing how many animals there were without homes – and this was only one shelter!

Like all my dogs, Buffy has changed my life and taught me something, but she is special to me for the reason that she has shown me how many great dogs are out there that need homes.

A huge reason that dogs are given up is because of behavioral problems. Preventative training is easy and help is out there if you need it. Start training early and often and seek out that help when necessary.

Kristin Skelton, the owner and manager of Floofins & Co. has given me this wonderful opportunity to create my own obedience training program in which I design training plans for clients and work one on one with them in their homes. By doing this, I want to teach people how to train so that we can keep dogs in their homes and out of shelters.

Each shelter dog has their own story of how they got there, so don’t focus on the stigma that you’ll be getting a damaged or broken dog if you choose to adopt. You can find dogs of all ages and breeds!

And, it’s not only shelter dogs that need training, it is ALL dogs. The next time you are looking to bring a new furry family member home, please look into adopting because I know there is one out there waiting for you. is just one place to help you find a specific animal or breed and you can narrow down search results by area. Or, stop into a shelter and see what you find! While the month of October recognizes shelter adoptions, any month is a good month to save a life and bring a new floofin home.

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