September 7, 2011

Michele Hatley’s Tuesday Training Tip: Agility

Author: Michele Hatley

What Makes Your Breed Excel?

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My first experience with dog training was with my family’s Weimaraner, Jetta. We got her when I was 13 and I was the primary trainer with her when we were at obedience classes.

I was a natural trainer and quickly learned how to train other behaviors on my own. At this same time, I remember watching dog agility on tv and thought it seemed like something fun to do.  Being a sporting breed, Jetta had lots of energy to spare and agility was a great outlet to exercise her mentally and physically.

Years later, I have continued to train and compete with my dogs in agility. While some breeds are more natural at this athletic sport than others, all dogs can benefit from a mental and physical activity. Other dog activities are Frisbee, Rally, Obedience, Herding, Hunt tests, Fly ball, Tracking, Earth dog or Lure coursing. 

To learn more about events and activities that you can participate in with your dog, search online or check out the American Kennel Club at for more specific information. Dog breeds were created for specific purposes and it is awesome to watch them excel in what they were bred to do. Research your breed and find out what activities they are best suited for and let the fun begin!

Also, don’t forget to check out my agility video here with my 4 year old Vizsla, Ember – she rocks!

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