August 2, 2011

Michele Hatley’s Tuesday Dog Training Tip – Training Isn’t Optional, It’s A Necessity!

Author: Michele Hatley

Do You Want A Well Mannered Dog That Is Enjoyable To Live With? Training Isn’t Optional, It’s A Necessity!

I can’t imagine not having a well-trained dog for 2 reasons:

  1. An untrained dog is not always fun to live with.
  2. I love training! It would be impossible for me not to teach them things.

People don’t always realize the amount of training that goes into creating a well-mannered pet. Training isn’t optional, but rather a definite necessity in order to better the life for both human and especially pet.

Training is beneficial for many reasons. It offers variety in your pets’ life and gives you the opportunity to create a stronger bond. It is also a form of mental and physical exercise and it obviously can lead to a better behaved pet. Training is our way of helping our dogs learn to live with us and for that reason it is a necessity in their life.

Don’t let training slip past you and have it become optional in your pet’s life because it is a necessity for everyone’s well-being.  Try it out, you just might find that you like it!

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