November 23, 2020

New Services, New Adventures

Author: Jennifer Houghton

Everyone is looking for ways to manage life as we are currently experiencing it. Floofins & Co. has options to make things a bit more exciting.

In our expanded lineup, we have added adventure and education for you and your floofins. Let’s talk about adventure first.

Adventure Walks

We are all craving connection. That includes your floofin. Now, you can set up an adventure walk. What does that mean? It means that Floofins & Co. will come to your home, grab your floofin, take them to the site of the adventure, walk them, and then return your tired floofin to your home. It’s 45 minutes of exercise with some friendly floofins companions.

Maybe your floofin isn’t excited about sharing the limelight and just needs the adventure without the pack. Does that mean they can’t participate? Nope. We have a solo adventure walk for just your floofin or just the floofins in your household. So everyone has an opportunity to get out and connect with nature and their floofins pet care specialist.

We understand that not everyone needs the same level of pet care service at the moment, so these walks are a great way to keep Floofins & Co. working and get your pet an extended amount of exercise based on your needs. Maybe one adventure a week, maybe three, maybe every other week. You decide. Contact us to book one today!

Lastly, we have education! Our pet care specialists train extensively before they take over the care of your floofins. We even have a Floofins U. School. So, is it any surprise that we have developed some training courses that you can take with our great training staff?


We developed two types of training: Perfect Puppy Prep and Day Training. Perfect Puppy Prep helps you get your puppers started on the right paw. Day Training is more specific to your needs and allows you to let our trainer come to you and do the heavy lifting. Once the trainer has your floofin up-to-speed, they will do a hand-off session showing you the ropes. Then you can take over with a floofin that has been “pre-trained” for you.

So take a look at the services on our website or reach out to talk to us about what you might want to take part in. We are here to give you all the resources for education and adventure.

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