August 8, 2013

Michele’s Thursday Training Tip – Teach Your Dog What TO DO, Not What They Shouldn’t Be Doing

Author: Kristin Skelton

Teaching Your Dog What TO DO Helps Avoid Reinforcing Undesirable Behaviors.

Teach Dogs What To Do

It’s easier to teach your dog what they should be doing, instead of constantly telling them what they should not be doing. For example: If you don’t want your dog to beg at your feet during dinner, teach them to lay down on a mat away from the table. This way, your dog learns what they should be doing and you can have a drool free dinner at the table. 

We hope these weekly training tips assist you in your training adventure. Floofins & Company head trainer, Michele Hatley, is available to create a customized training program for your dog. Visit us at to learn about training options with Floofins & Company.

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