November 7, 2013

Michele’s Thursday Dog Training Tip – Adapt!

Author: Kristin Skelton


Dog Training Tip – Animals Can Adapt If You Give Them A Chance

Animals can be taught to do anything that they are physically and mentally capable of doing. They are quite inspiring actually, in how resilient they can be and how capable they are of adapting. I wanted to give a shout out to all dogs or animals that have a physical impairment and share my own personal experience with my mother’s 3 legged dog, Sizzle. She came to us with an obsessive love for tennis balls and would chase them until you didn’t want to throw them anymore.

When her front leg had to be amputated due to cancer, she was down for a couple weeks healing, but then after that you’d never even know that she was missing that leg. She would run just as fast as the other dogs, was able to continue to chase that tennis ball and often times would surprise people when they finally noticed she was missing a leg. The only way that an animal will be held back is by the limitations that you set on them. Give them a chance and they can do anything they’re physically capable of doing. All you have to do is give them that chance!

We hope these weekly training tips assist you in your training adventure. Floofins & Company head trainer, Michele Hatley, is available to create a customized training program for your dog. Visit us at to learn about training options with Floofins & Company.

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