Canine Colors

Canine Colors is an extension of True Colors, a simple model of personality identification that improves communication through recognition of a person’s true character. This theory can be applied to dogs too! Being able to identify the uniqueness of those around you, as well as the motivations behind their actions and behaviors, will empower you with the knowledge needed to create fulfilling relationships of any kind, including your relationship with your dog.

Choose from two sessions: Canine Colors for Pet Parents and Canine Colors for Animal Care Teams.

Canine Colors For Pet Parents

Canine Colors is a fun and unique way to take the mystery out of finding the perfect dog. Like people, each pooch has a distinct personality. Canine Colors will empower you with the knowledge needed to create a fulfilling relationship with your dog. It’s a must for every soon-to-be pet parent.

For those who already have a dog, this course will help you better understand and communicate with your dog as you discover your own True Colors Spectrum.

Canine Colors For Animal Care Teams

True Colors has helped millions of people find personal success and dramatically improve their interpersonal relationships. It’s track record of success spans more than 30 years with hundreds of companies, thousands of schools, hospitals and government agencies that have all used it to build teams and improve communications and customer relations. Now it has been adapted to the animal caregiver team through Canine Colors.

Learn more about the complex diversity within your workplace and set up a Canine Colors for Animal Care Teams session in your animal care business.