Our COVID Response

Keeping our clients and team healthy is our top priority! Our standard, common-sense, Cleanliness Policy is still being followed AND has been enhanced per IL State and pet care industry-specific recommendations.

Social Distancing: Fortunately, social distancing is nothing new at Floofins & Co. Your pets are used to us saying no to dog-to-dog and dog-to-stranger meet and greets. Our team members are required to maintain 6 feet between them and our human clients, as well as anyone they may meet while out on walks.Shoes Off/Masks On: Shoes off at the door has always been our standard. Floofins team members are required to wear Floofins & Co. supplied masks inside clients homes and outside anytime social distancing cannot be followed.

Sanitization: Team members are required to wash or sanitize hands between clients using Floofins & Co. provided soap and/or hand sanitizer. Provided hand sanitizer is made with 70% alcohol and without essential oils that could harm some of the pets in our care.Staying Home: As always, if a team member is ill, they are asked to stay home and another team member will provide coverage. Staff members that have had close contact to someone with a positive test or have traveled to any of the IL State listed hot spots are asked to report and quarantine as needed. We continue to also ask that our clients notify us if someone in their home is ill, have had close contact with someone with a positive test or have traveled to any IL State listed hot spots and to cancel services, when possible, to limit exposure to our team.

Other Options/Ideas To Minimize Contact: We are happy to complete all jobs to each client’s individual standards and checklists, however, if you are looking for ideas to reduce contact, we suggest the following, which can be noted on your account:

  • Chatting From Afar: We understand seeing people can feel great right now. However, we recommend that you chat with our team outdoors and 6 feet apart.
  • Extra Disinfecting: Consider leaving your choice of disinfectant wipes or spray/paper towels for your Pet Care Specialist. Let us know if you would like anything specific (door knobs, leashes, harnesses, etc.) wiped down on our way in and out.
  • Equipment And Supply Consolidation: Consider leaving your dog walking equipment (leashes and harnesses) close to our point of access. We are happy to wipe down these devices with your permission and preferred cleaner. We are always happy to provide water, treats, and meals as usual however, if you are home and wish to take care of those at this time we can always extend the walk/playtime.
  • Contactless Hand Offs: You may also consider keeping your pet or pet’s crate in an area close to our point of access, such as in a mudroom, or even hand your pets leash out the door so we can minimize our presence in your home.

We appreciate all of the check-ins and support we have received during this unprecedented event. We look forward to seeing everyone back on the schedule one fluffy face at a time.

Kristin Skelton – Owner/Founder