April 10, 2024

Work From Home? Don’t Skip Dog Walks

Author: Kristin Skelton
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Having a dog walker come to your home during your workday has many benefits, even if you’re working from home. Today, we’re discussing how beneficial maintaining regular dog walks can be with Work From Home? Don’t Skip Dog Walks; including our 5 top benefits for canines and humans.

Work From Home? Don’t Skip Dog Walks For Your Dog’s Body

As pet obesity rates rise, more pet parents are reaching out to us to schedule midday dog walks. They recognize that a sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for anyone and, even when working from home, they have a hard time consistently taking their dogs out for a long enough walk.


The benefits of a dog walk are endless. They strengthen our dogs’ bones and joints for long-term mobility, improve cardiovascular health, and may ward off certain illnesses including diabetes and cancer. But, dogs only reap the benefits when their walks are a consistent part of their routine, which is where midday dog walking services can help.

Work From Home? Don’t Skip Dog Walks For Your Dog’s Mind

While your dog’s physical health is of utmost importance, don’t forget his or her mental health. Most of our dogs are not getting enough enrichment, which can lead to boredom, anxiety, and even depression. Many busy families have a hard time meeting their dogs’ needs day in and day out, especially while working, parenting, caring for aging parents, maintaining their home, etc.

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With regularly scheduled dog walks, your dog has the opportunity to interact with the environment, sniff to his heart’s content, do his business, and stretch his legs. He’ll also enjoy playtime, pets, a water bowl refresh, and a treat or a meal, whatever he needs to ensure his (and your) peace of mind.

Work From Home? Don’t Skip Dog Walks For Your Dog’s Behavior

Boredom is to blame for many of our dogs’ naughty behaviors. From not getting out in nature enough to having pent-up energy, dogs can become a handful when their needs aren’t being met.

A dog that is disconnected from her environment, antsy, and unfulfilled may exert her energy by barking, whining, chewing inappropriately, creating conflicts with other pets in the home, etc. While deteriorating behavior may signal medical issues, ensuring your dog gets enough movement and enrichment is a great first line of defense.

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Plus, dog walks are a great way to socialize dogs with unfamiliar humans. Talk about positive reinforcement: we walk in the door, get the dogs in their harnesses, and take them for a stroll…

People = a very good thing!

Work From Home? Don’t Skip Dog Walks For Your Focus

Let’s talk about you now! All the above can weigh on a dedicated pet parent who is trying to meet work demands. Sure, you’d love to take a proper lunch break to take your dog for a walk. You’d also love it if Mother Nature would cooperate with bright and sunny days that hold at 65 degrees year-round. It’d also be nice if technology worked seamlessly, Zoom never froze, and your boss didn’t schedule last minute meetings. But, that’s not real life.

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Real life is that working professionals are at capacity, especially if they have families, social lives, and hobbies. Instead of guilt-tripping yourself for not being able to walk your dog during your workday or after a long day at your desk, count on us to come in quietly and sneak your dog out for a much-deserved potty and exercise break. Everyone focuses on what they do best and everyone wins!

Work From Home? Don’t Skip Dog Walks For Your Convenience

When you’re choosing between your own needs and your dog’s, something’s got to give. You deserve to go to the gym, grab dinner with friends, or plan a movie date after work without feeling guilty about it. You work hard and you should enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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Let us take care of your dog’s walking needs so that you can enjoy yourself. We’ll come to you so that you don’t have to drive your dog to daycare. We’ll follow your lead to ensure we’re not disrupting your workday or meetings.

We’ll ensure that your pup is safe, happy, and tired upon our return!

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At Floofins & Co., we know what dogs want and what pet parents need. We offer different scheduling and pricing options to meet everyone’s needs and work within different budgets. For those who work from home or at an office, we recommend our Ongoing Visits, with which you earn some perks for being a regular.

If you are new to Floofins & Co., please fill out our contact form. Once received, we will be in touch to further discuss your interest. You may also give us a call at 630-478-8915 or drop us a line at We are happy to discuss our services from Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Learn more about our new client onboarding process here. Existing client may schedule services via this link.

Happy walking!

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