April 5, 2011

Tuesday Dog Training Tip – Individuals

Author: Michele Hatley

Don’t Assume Everything You Read In Your Dog Breed Encyclopedia Is True When It Comes To Training

Dogs vary in a lot more ways than just their looks. Each dog has their own individual personality.

Just as it isn’t appropriate to pass judgments on certain types of people, we shouldn’t make assumptions about our dogs based on their breed. This becomes important to remember when we are training with our dogs. Just because something worked for one Vizsla, or one Italian Greyhound, or one Border Collie, or one mix that you adopted from a shelter, may not be true for another.

There are many ways to train any one behavior, so if something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to try something new. Even with my own dogs, they have all learned some of the same behaviors, but in different ways. Why? Because I found what was working the best for each one of them instead of trying to train it the same way as it may have worked for some of my other dogs.

Next time you find yourself or your dog getting frustrated with trying to train something new, I challenge you to take a different approach to it. You just may realize that another way may work just fine, if not better!

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