April 1, 2021

Floofins & Co. Celebrates 11 Years in Business

Author: Jennifer Houghton
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Today marks our 11th anniversary and we are so glad to still be in business despite the impact of a global pandemic. We want to thank each of our clients for their continued support and our staff for their loyalty and determination. 

As we begin looking forward to a more normalized future in the coming months, we want to highlight some of our hopes and also get feedback from our clients.

“We had planned to celebrate the confluence of our 10-year anniversary and our selection as the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters Business of the Year during 2020,” founder Kristin Skelton, recounted. “COVID had other plans.”

Floofins & Co. provided essential services to frontline workers and healthcare professionals and their pets while adjusting to shifting state and local protocols. And as things begin to reopen, we will continue to serve all of our clients and maintain our common sense safety protocols. 

Looking Ahead

What can you expect in the months ahead?

“We know people are itching to get out again,” Skelton acknowledged. “And as people make safety conscious travel plans, our staff will be ready to assist them.”

Knowing that staffing adjustments may be required as increased pet care needs begin to accrue, Skelton recommends that clients try to schedule as early as possible. 

“We want to have available resources, so early scheduling for spring and summer travel will give us time to address those needs,” she stated. “We’ve been working with reduced staffing and reactivating staff will not be instantaneous. Early planning will be very helpful for us moving forward.”

During the COVID downtime, Skelton has been working on a pet project that clients have requested: Floofins apparel. Ultimately, the plan is for Floofins & Co. themed goods to be sold at Look for our first Floofins & Co. mask giveaway in the upcoming weeks.

Looking For Feedback

Clients have had changes in their approach to work, home, and all the other types of adjustments we’ve all experienced over the last year. So, we have questions. What do you need from Floofins & Co. moving forward? Is there a change we’ve made that you want to see continued once COVID restrictions are gone? Do you have suggestions on service plans? How do you see your pet care needs changing in the upcoming months? What can we do to adapt to your needs in a flexible and compassionate way? 

We would love to hear any feedback you have. Email any comments or suggestions to We will also solicit some feedback on our social media pages over the coming weeks. Our goal is to remain a committed, integrated pet care provider. We will continue to provide safe, professional, and top-notch service to you and your floofins. 


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