February 19, 2020

Five Things You May Not Know About Candi

Author: Jennifer Houghton

Floofins & Co.

Sure, you know that the Floofins staff you interact with LOVE your pet, but have you ever wondered… Is there more to this super-duper, pet-loving person?

To that, we say, YES!

Your Floofins are like family and we want to give you a more rounded picture of our great staff members. So, we dug a little deeper into their psyches to get you the kind of information only Floofins & Co. can provide.

The staff member we are highlighting this month is Candi. She works as the Manager of Human Resources and Education.


  • What was your favorite toy growing up? “My favorite toy growing up was my Pound Puppy stuffed animal, I slept with him every night. I remember I made my mom buy me a real leash and collar for him from the pet store. And I even had bowls in my room set up that I kept fresh water and kibble in.” 
  • What is the most beautiful place you’ve been? “Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We got married there in October 2009 in beautiful long cabin, with the Grand Tetons in the background. Immediately following the ceremony a large bull moose crossed the road in front of us and followed by 2 females. Earlier in the day we had seen a black bear cub and a small pack of wolves. It was an incredible day.  The Grand Tetons were the first mountain I had ever seen and they were breathtaking.” 
  • What is your pet peeve? WOBBLY TABLES! I am totally the person to grab a stack of coasters or napkins to try and fix the crazy wobbly table. If I can’t I have to move to another table!”


  • As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? “When I was little I always wanted to work with animals and particularly be a dolphin trainer. I am excited to share that I got to do exactly that for almost 15 years! I worked at Brookfield Zoo from 1997 – 2011. I started with domestic animals ( horses, cows, turtles, chickens, etc. ) and worked my way up to being a Senior Marine Mammal Trainer. There is a chance if you saw a Brookfield Dolphin a few years back you just might have seen me.”
  • What would be your spirit animal? “My spirit animal would be a Hawk. I like that they represent perspective and ability to see things from all sides. Also I like that they are known for being compassionate and empathetic. Plus, I once took care of a rescued Red-tailed hawk at the zoo named Dakota and we shared a very special bond.”


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