March 28, 2020

Adaptability and New Normals

Author: Kristin Skelton

Flexibility is a great attribute, but during the Coronavirus pandemic it is a necessity. Floofins & Co. prides ourselves on being adaptable and available to our clients. After a week of digesting everything happening around us, and as we attempt to do our part and remain within the parameters of the Governor’s Shelter-In-Place order, we want to outline some of the changes that we will begin implementing immediately.

New Client Consultations On Video

We are now offering video new client consultations. While our preference is to meet in your home so we can thoroughly explain our services, note specific locations of items, and get to introduce ourselves in person to your floofin, we understand that this may not be possible in today’s circumstances. Therefore, video consultations are now an option. You will still meet with a member of our administrative team and your primary pet care specialist.

Referral Program Bonus For Essential Workers

We have always offered a $25 service credit to our existing clients that send us referrals that become part of the Floofins Family. If you know someone who is an essential worker that needs assistance with pet care services, please refer them. Not only does this help keep our staff working, it also keeps those essential employees able to go to work (and often work extra long hours) without worry about their pets. Due to the current circumstances will be adding an additional $25 credit to the new client and are waiving our 3 month minimum for ongoing schedule pricing as a gesture of thanks and gratitude for their work during this time.

Answering Some Of Your Questions

We know that our staff and your pets form a unique bond during their time together. And many people are wondering what will happen to their pet care specialist as more people are at home and are not using our services. Some of you have asked how you can help.

  • Keep an eye on our social media. We will be communicating quite a bit via social media during this time. Like, comment, and share our social media posts. Hopefully they will be a beacon of positivity in the chaos of the news.
  • Online Reviews. Got a little extra time on your hands due to missing out on your regular commute? Take a few minutes and write a review on your favorite review site… or tag them all! Yelp. Facebook. Nextdoor. Angie’s List or on Google.
  • Gift Certificates. Some clients have asked if they can purchase gift certificates/credits for future services. Or, some have asked if they could purchase a gift certificate and gift services to an essential worker they know that is now experiencing challenges keeping up with their pet while taking on their new workload. We do sell gift certificates! If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate or gifting someone, please drop us a line at and we will set you up.
  • Regular Payments and Gratuities. We would never expect clients to pay for a service they are not receiving, however some clients have insisted on paying for their regular services at this time. Others have made a one-time voluntary tip payment, noting which pet care specialist(s) they are gifting, both of which are very generous. Please note these types of payments will go to your pet care specialist on their regular payroll meaning pet care specialists will be paid as if they performed the service for any service payments. 100% of gratuities always go directly to your pet care specialist.

We will keep you abreast of any additional happenings. We miss seeing our floofins and look forward to when we can get back to doing what we do best.

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