May 20, 2015

When The Wind Blows

Author: Jennifer Houghton


Dear Floofy Column – May 2015

It wasn’t very long ago that Dear Floofy and her little red Floofin were quite certain that they would be blown clear to Oz. As severe weather returns to the area, I’m sure you’ve heard all the valid advice on how to prepare beforehand. This covers the importance of having plenty of food, water, medications, and other items your Floofin might need in the event of a natural calamity.

But, dear reader, Floofy is a worst case scenario planner and that level of precaution isn’t enough for her. No way!

Even if you’ve done your floofiest to be ready, injuries and accidents can still crop up. How do you stay on top of emergencies that may result after a storm or even during a hike in the countryside? Do what Floofy did! Take a Red Cross Pet First Aid course.

Floofy took her first course because her prior pooch was a couch potato who enjoyed visits to grandpa’s farm in the country. This part of the country contains two venomous snakes: rattlesnakes and copperheads. Floofy knew it was unlikely, but possible, for her unsuspecting pooch to stick his little black nose in a blackberry bush and get bitten. So, she took a course at Edward Hospital. But, readers, you have a resource Dear Floofy didn’t have at the time – Floofins & Co!

Thats right! Floofins & Co. hadn’t been created when Floofy moved to Chicago, but they offer Red Cross Pet First Aid classes. (Click here for more information.) You will learn how to handle that snake bite, or a broken limb, lacerations, blocked airways, and even CPR. Yes, you get to practice on stuffed kitties and doggies with air bladder lungs to simulate the experience.

Hopefully, you never need these tidbits of knowledge but Floofy always says, plan ahead! You’ll learn potentially lifesaving procedures and also probably come across some new information you can use when the random or ordinary events of life throw you a curveball.

Until next month, be safe, be outside, be at your Floofy best in all situations!

Puppy kisses,


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