October 14, 2015

Hibernating Season Kicks Off

Author: Jennifer Houghton


Dear Floofy Column – October 2015

Dear Floofy,

With autumn in full swing I can’t help but notice that my pooch seems to be entering into a period of hibernation. Is this normal?


Snoozing All Day

Dear Snoozing,

Many floofins take their cues from us, their pet parents. So, unless you have a bear making a den under your couch, what you are witnessing is probably a combination of the seasonal fluctuations in the home environment coupled with the cooling temperatures at night that make snuggling and snoozing so appealing.

Look around and take note of your activities. Likely, they are increasingly taking place indoors. And like all of our pack, we tend to gravitate towards one another to be part of the action.

This brings Floofy to her words of wisdom as the temperatures continue to move lower and we continue to move indoors for most, if not all, of our general day-to-day chores! Consider cutting back on food quantity!

Yep, you heard Floofy right. With each seasonal shift, Floofy always reevaluates how much activity her little red floofin is taking part in and how much food goes into the kibble bowl. During the summer months when we are running, she gets a normal portion. But as the physical activity decreases, so does the amount of food. And this will make a huge difference in keeping off the extra winter weight and strain on the ole bones. (Always consult with your vet and base your decisions on the individual health and circumstances of each floofin in your household. Each floofin has different requirements.) So, at the advice of our vet, little red floofin will be scaling back somewhat.

Unlike bears that pack on the fat for their winter nap, our pets require slightly different nutritional needs. So, enjoy the time with your warm (and appropriately fed) floofin as the fall shifts to winter.

Until next time…

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