March 8, 2015

Dear Floofy’s First Question

Author: Jennifer Houghton


Dear Floofy Column – February 2015

Dear Floofy,

My dog seems to always be laying on the couch sleeping. Also, I think he’s laying on the remote control. Do you think he’s a couch potato? What should I do?

Looking for the Remote

Dear Looking for the Remote,

First, is he curled in a ball? Grooming himself? A little moody? Have claws? Double check, it could be your cat.

In all seriousness, dogs spend a lot of time sleeping, particularly if the couch is comfy. By some estimates, adult dogs can sleep over 12 hours in a 24 hour period, with puppies and senior dogs logging as much as 20 hours per day. If he has a steady appetite and energy level is consistent, I wouldn’t worry too much.

However, if you’ve noticed changes in activity levels or interest in daily meals, it might be a good time to stop by the vet for a check up. Senior dogs can have medical conditions like hypothyroidism, that will impact energy levels and other organ functions. Most pet parents feel better knowing that their pet is slowing down due to age rather than underlying medical conditions.

Dogs, like humans, can slow down when the weather gets cold and nasty outside, so gradually increasing their exercise time (like building up from a 20 minute walk to a 30 minute walk) or taking part in an obedience or agility class could benefit both human and canine or get some other great ideas in the accompanying Snow Day article.

If it turns out that your dog has become a couch potato, I recommend leaving the remote on the coffee table rather than the couch. Moving a 50 pound dog in full dream mode is something Dear Floofy no longer attempts. Best wishes on locating that remote and may your dog slumber in good health.

Puppy Kisses from Dear Floofy


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