April 13, 2016

Noise Anxiety

Author: Celeste Glassman


A Common Problem For Pets, Especially During Thunderstorm Season Is Noise Anxiety.

We are approaching thunderstorm season in the Midwest. Warmer weather may be on the way and the clatter of a spring storm can make for the perfect sleeping background noise. While some of us look forward to “April showers bring May flowers”, many pet owners are preparing for their dog’s noise anxiety.

It is not completely clear what causes noise anxiety in pets. Some research suggests loud noises caused by thunder and fireworks may be a trigger to a traumatic event in their past. Other research points towards genetic predispositions in certain breeds, as well as other factors such as age or hearing loss. Many pets, specifically dogs, often shake, hide, pace, and pant. Some dogs become destructive or potty inside. Other dogs have busted through pane glass windows due to the anxiety of loud noises. Check out these five ways to reduce your pet’s noise anxiety symptoms.

Create a Safe Haven. Some dogs retreat to their crate when they become nervous or scared. Try covering their crate with a blanket to make them feel more secure.

Apply a Pressure Wrap. Products such as Thundershirt and Anxiety Wrap apply pressure to key points to help relieve stress. Click here to watch this video from FedWell Pet Foods to learn how to create your own pressure wrap using only an ACE bandage.

Consult with a Certified Behaviorist. Changing your pet’s behavior is not a quick fix. Depending on your pet’s level of anxiety, you may want to consult with a certified behaviorist to help you and your pet work through some of the triggers that cause unwanted behavior.

Consult with your Veterinarian. Your pet may have an underlying health issue that might be causing some of their anxiety issues. Some medication can reduce your pet’s anxiety symptoms, but be sure to discuss the side effects and usage guidelines with your veterinarian.

Alternative Symptom Relief. Products such as Comfort Zone and Feliway offer pheromone diffusers and collars that mimic the appeasing pheromones a mother dog or cat releases to signal comfort and safety to their young.

It’s unfortunate to think we may never know the cause of our pet’s discomfort when it comes to noise anxiety. Hopefully the tips above offer a little relief to you and your pet during those stressful times.

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