Happy Cat Month

Celebrating Happy Cats!

Did you know September is Happy Cat Month?

Dogs may have the Dog Days of Summer, but September is all about our furry feline friends! Here are some ways in which to keep your cat happy and healthy not only this month, but all year long.  

Microchip your cat. Microchips are a useful way to keep track of your cat in the event your furry friend gets lost. The chips have links to a pet’s veterinarian and owner so a lost animal can be reunited quickly with its owner. It’s also recommended to have the chip tested during your cat’s annual veterinary visit to make sure it’s working properly.
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National Pet Memorial Day

Pet Memorials. A Day Of Remembrance.

Sunday, September 10 is National Pet Memorial Day, a holiday created by the The International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories. It is a day to spend some time remembering our lost furry family members. Losing a pet may be the hardest part of pet ownership, and that’s why it’s important to pause and reflect on the time you and your pet had together. Having strong emotions about the loss of your pet is not frivolous or silly; our pets are members of our families and grieving when they cross the Rainbow Bridge is normal.
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An Interview with Kendra Otto of the UpScale Tail

The UpScale Tail. Focusing On “Scaredy Dogs” And Beyond.

The UpScale Tail, LTD, is an award-winning grooming salon in Naperville Illinois. They take the time to build a bond with their clients, especially when working with “scaredy” or fearful dogs. That bond of trust takes the fear out of grooming and makes it a pleasant experience for both dogs and their parents. Kendra Otto, the owner of The UpScale Tail, graciously agreed to talk to the Scoop about her experiences.

When asked about how she got into the grooming business, Kendra replies that “I had wanted to work with animals for as long as I can remember. I also had a passion for art and in my late teens I was working at a local veterinary clinic where they offered grooming too. The owner had told me about a grooming school not too far away and I decided to go! I was excited that I could use both my love for animals and art and combine them together into a career.”
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Check the Chip Day

Have You Checked Your Chip? Check The Chip Day Is August 15th!

August 15 is “Check the Chip Day,” a day to raise awareness about the importance of microchips. The American Medical Veterinary Association (AMVA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) have partnered to foster this “holiday”; read on to learn a bit more about how a microchip can be beneficial to you and your dog.

Microchips can streamline the process of reuniting you with your dog or cat if they are lost. Microchips are tiny devices that are implanted underneath your dog’s or cat’s skin. Microchips use radio frequency to relay information, however, they are not trackers or GPS devices. They contain one piece of information: an ID number that will display when scanned by a microchip scanner. When searched in a registry, this ID number will link your pet to your contact information. You’ll need to register your dog or cat’s microchip with the manufacturer—this registration includes your contact information which will be stored in a database. Each manufacturer has their own registry, but the AAHA has also created the Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool.
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Pet Rabbit Basics


What You Need To Know When Adding A Pet Rabbit To The Family

More and more people are discovering the joys of having rabbits as pets. With more than four dozen breeds of domesticated rabbit, these breeds range in size, coloring and energy level. Like dogs and cats, rabbits have their own personalities; some are playful, others more subdued. Some like to cuddle and play, and this is a great personality feature for folks who want a cuddly pet but don’t have time or interest in daily walks. Bunnies bond with their people and get to know them. Not all of them enjoy being picked up and carried, however, since they are prey animals. Contrary to some common beliefs, however, bunnies are not “starter” pets and require as much time and care as larger mammals.

Basic Care: Rabbits should have their own cage or crate so they have a safe space to sleep and chill out in. The cage should be at least three or four feet long. Many bunnies can be litter-trained; your rabbit’s “litterbox” can go in the corner of the cage the rabbit most often does their business in. In place of cat litter, use Timothy, Orchard Grass or Bromme hay. Please do not use pine, cedar, or clay litter for your rabbit.
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July 15 is Pet Fire Safety Day

Do You Have A Plan For Your Pets In Case Of A Fire?

July 15 is Pet Fire Safety Day so in recognition we’ve put together a few pointers on keeping your pets safe in the incidence of a house fire. The American Red Cross has a page with lots of tips on keeping your pets safe in a fire emergency.

No one wants a house fire—even the idea is scary. One of the best things you can have in your family-safety arsenal is a fire safety plan. Know where you’re going if you have to evacuate your home.  Make your furry family members a part of this plan too, including how to safely evacuate them as well.
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PSI’s Take Your Dog to Work Day

Pets + Offices = Take Your Dog To Work Day.

Friday, June 23, is the 19th annual Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog To Work Day®. A growing number of workplaces are participating in this fun “holiday” and allowing their employees to bring their fluffy family members to work with them for the day. According to the PSI website the goals of Take Your Dog to Work Day are to raise awareness for homeless pets and to encourage those dogless folks to consider adopting a pup of their own.

Taking your dog to work with you for a day can be a delightful treat for both of you—you know he won’t miss you while you’re away and he’ll get a whole bunch of new experiences while at work with you. He may even make some new doggy and people friends too! And Take Your Dog to Work Day can be great fun for your coworkers; honestly, wouldn’t our jobs all be more fun if there were dogs around?
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June is the ASPCA’s Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Adopt A Shelter Cat Today!

Did you know that June is the ASPCA’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month? Every year there are so many cats that are found and brought to shelters but may end up being euthanized because of the massive overflow of cats in these shelters. When considering getting a cat, always look into your local shelters; there are probably many cats to choose from, even kittens if you specifically want a kitten instead of an older cat. Every spring there are more and more kittens being born because there is an increase in feline breeding during this time. Also, there are not enough cats that are spayed or neutered, contributing to the overflow of cats in the world. If you have a cat, it is also a good idea to get them spayed or neutered to prevent accidental pregnancies.
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International Turtle Day is on May 23rd

Add A Turtle To The Family!

Turtles are one of the many smaller reptiles that we keep as pets. International Turtle Day is coming up on May 23 so to celebrate we’ve put together a short introduction to keeping turtles as pets. Generally they are easy to care for but it is essential to know what type of environment they need and what they eat in order to ensure they are getting the best care. There are several types of turtles as well, ranging from red-eared sliders to the Central American wood turtle.

As far as their environment goes, the more room the better. Turtles need room for water and land so make sure your tank has both and enough space for your turtle to explore in. One important note to be aware of concerning a turtle’s environment is that their water needs to kept clean at all times. Having a good filtration system and changing the water regularly is essential to their health and well-being. As this PetMD article points out, the temperature may not be as important if they are kept inside and have a heat lamp near their land portion of the tank to sunbathe by.
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Running with Your Dog


Need An Exercise Buddy? Learn To Run With Your Dog Safely.

Running is a big-time hobby for a lot of people right now; some would argue it’s a lifestyle. Your dog may make a terrific running partner, depending on breed, disposition and health. Running with your dog can help the two of you bond, spend time together outside, and work out all at once—exercise is essential to both humans’ and dogs’ well-being. However, bringing your dog on your runs does add some considerations to take into account. We’ve detailed a few of them here.

It’s good to have water available on a run, but as this Vetstreet article points out,  you also need to be cautious because some dogs are prone to bloat, which is a deadly condition where the stomach turns over on itself. Eating and drinking before exercise are associated with higher chances of bloat. Check with your vet about water intake during runs, and feed your pup after their workout session, not before.
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