February is Responsible Pet Owner’s Month

Responsible Pet Owner’s Month

February is Responsible Pet Owner’s Month. While you try your best to provide your pets with the utmost in terms of love, care, and safety, this is a good time to stop and consider if there are any areas you can improve on regarding the quality of life of your pets. Your dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, and other companion animals are part of your families, so naturally you want to provide what’s best for them and be responsible as pet parents.

Pet-proof your home: Dogs and cats have a penchant for getting into places they’re not supposed to, so pet-proofing your home is a must for their safety. Making sure they don’t have access to dangerous chemicals, electrical cords, lit candles, spaces where they can become trapped, etc. takes some time and effort but is worthwhile. Because dogs and cats like to keep their parents on their toes and some pets continually discover new ways to get into trouble, you may have to modify your pet-proofing strategies throughout your pets’ lives.
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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Dog Edition

Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Pooch!

The Holiday Season is upon us and as always we want to include our pets in the festivities. Dogs deserve presents too so read on for a few gift-giving ideas for Fido.

This Holiday Bear by West Paw is not only festive and cute, it also has a squeaky toy inside! It’s perfect for the dog who loves to snuggle. This bear comes in two sizes and is available while supplies last.
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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Cat Edition

I’m Dreaming of a…Kitty Cat Christmas!

It’s that time of year again when our thoughts turn to Christmas and we desire to find the perfect gift for those we love, and that includes our feline companions. Here are just a few of the newest, most interesting gifts available this holiday season and where to find them.

What could be better than a cat hideaway where the entire interior is a scratching post? Take a look at the Cat Cabin Pet Scratch Center by Wondershop. Made of cardboard with easy assembly, measuring 15in by 15in by 15in. You can find it for your kitty for about $13. 
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Interesting Fact Series…All About Dogs!

Fun Facts About Dogs

Did you know that there are more than 150 different dog breeds? Or that dogs can see in the dark thanks to a special membrane? Or that the latest research has discovered that dogs actually do see in color?

There’s more than meets the eye about our canine companions and here are just a few of their fascinating physiological facts:
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Coconut Oil for Dogs

Coconut Oil For Dogs. The Supplement + The Pooch

Coconut oil is a popular supplement for dogs that has a variety of uses. Giving coconut oil to dogs is supposed to be good for their coats, digestive health, energy levels and even weight loss. Read on to learn more about why coconut oil might be something to add to your dog’s diet.

Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, which are a great source of quick energy. MCTs are burned very quickly, giving your pup an energy boost. Some humans take MCTs too, and coconut oil is a popular option for this.
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Choosing the Right Doggie Daycare

How To Find The Right Doggie Daycare

At one time or another, most dog owners have experienced coming home to evidence of a bored or curious dog…kitchen garbage on the floor, sofa cushions askew, a potted plant knocked over and a canine nose full of soil. More than an occasional incident might be an indication of a bored, lonely, or energetic pooch who could be an excellent candidate for doggie daycare. So how do you choose an ideal daycare for your special friend?
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National Veterinary Technician Week

Celebrating Our Veterinary Technicians!

October 15-21 is 2017’s National Veterinary Technician Week, where pet parents everywhere can take some time to be thankful for all the work that our vet techs do to help support the health of our pets. Veterinary technicians (sometimes called veterinary nurses) work with veterinarians to provide the best care possible for our furry family members. They work with both animals and their human companions, require a strong knowledge-base and must be life-long learners. Everyone knows how much knowledge and skill is required to be a good veterinarian, but now is the time to cast the spotlight on veterinary technicians.
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Happy Cat Month

Celebrating Happy Cats!

Did you know September is Happy Cat Month?

Dogs may have the Dog Days of Summer, but September is all about our furry feline friends! Here are some ways in which to keep your cat happy and healthy not only this month, but all year long.  

Microchip your cat. Microchips are a useful way to keep track of your cat in the event your furry friend gets lost. The chips have links to a pet’s veterinarian and owner so a lost animal can be reunited quickly with its owner. It’s also recommended to have the chip tested during your cat’s annual veterinary visit to make sure it’s working properly.
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National Pet Memorial Day

Pet Memorials. A Day Of Remembrance.

Sunday, September 10 is National Pet Memorial Day, a holiday created by the The International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories. It is a day to spend some time remembering our lost furry family members. Losing a pet may be the hardest part of pet ownership, and that’s why it’s important to pause and reflect on the time you and your pet had together. Having strong emotions about the loss of your pet is not frivolous or silly; our pets are members of our families and grieving when they cross the Rainbow Bridge is normal.
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An Interview with Kendra Otto of the UpScale Tail

The UpScale Tail. Focusing On “Scaredy Dogs” And Beyond.

The UpScale Tail, LTD, is an award-winning grooming salon in Naperville Illinois. They take the time to build a bond with their clients, especially when working with “scaredy” or fearful dogs. That bond of trust takes the fear out of grooming and makes it a pleasant experience for both dogs and their parents. Kendra Otto, the owner of The UpScale Tail, graciously agreed to talk to the Scoop about her experiences.

When asked about how she got into the grooming business, Kendra replies that “I had wanted to work with animals for as long as I can remember. I also had a passion for art and in my late teens I was working at a local veterinary clinic where they offered grooming too. The owner had told me about a grooming school not too far away and I decided to go! I was excited that I could use both my love for animals and art and combine them together into a career.”
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