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What is Positive Reinforcement Training?

Not All Dog Training Methods Are The Same. What Is Positive Reinforcement Training? There are many different dog trainers and training schools located in the Chicago Suburbs. Throughout Elmhurst, Oak Park, La Grange, Wheaton, Bloomingdale, and Woodridge, you will find trainers with different expertise (i.e. positive reinforcement, adverse, etc.) as well as trainers and behaviorists […]


Michele’s Thursday Dog Training Tip – Commitment

Dog Training Tip – Commitment Making the decision to bring a pet into the family should be no different than the commitment you make to a child. You should be prepared to care for them for the course of their life; which means recognizing the financial responsibility, the time needed to properly care and exercise […]


Michele’s Thursday Dog Training Tip – Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks!

Dog Training Tip – Don’t Overlook Older Dogs When Visiting Local Shelters October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month and a very happy 5 year adoption anniversary to my Buffy girl! Don’t overlook the adult dogs when visiting your local shelters, because despite that saying, old dogs CAN learn new tricks! An adult dog is just as likely […]


Michele’s Thursday Training Tip – Eye Contact

When Communicating With Your Dog, Look Them In The Eye! Before asking your dog to do something, make sure they’re looking at you. If you’ve got they’re attention, your dog is more likely to follow through with what you want the first time. We hope these weekly training tips assist you in your training adventure. […]


Michele’s Thursday Training Tip – Training Treats

High and Low Value Training Treats You don’t have to go out and buy treats all the time to train your dog. Instead of feeding them a full meal from their bowl, take their dry dog food and use it as a reward to train new things! This way, you can save the extra good […]


Michele’s Tuesday Training Tip – Stimulus Control

Stimulus Control? That Sounds Complicated! [tubepress video="8U9D7Fu35z4" theme="fandco"] Hopefully I didn’t just frighten anyone away by the title of today’s blog, but don’t be afraid of the term, it really isn’t that complicated! A stimulus can be anything that we have a response to, which can be learned or not learned. The sound of the […]


Michele’s Tuesday Training Tip – It’s a No No to say it Twice Twice

Don’t Repeat When Working on Training Cues [tubepress video="via366nH4Wc" theme="fandco"] There’s a dog trainer out there by the name of Gary Wilkes and he writes interesting to read articles about training. One of them in particular has left me with a phrase that I will never forget. This article titled, “What you teach is what […]


Michele’s Tuesday Training Tip – Maintenance

Wash, Rinse And Repeat for Optimal and Consistent Behaviors Sometimes the wheels fall off the bus and some work has to be done to get it back to its full working order. Even solid, well known behaviors can deteriorate over time, which is why maintenance is needed in order to maintain these behaviors. An easy […]


Michele’s Tuesday Training Tip – The Power Of Patience

When Working With Animals, Patience Is Key. Remember the saying “patience is a virtue”? Keep remembering that when training! All animals work and learn at a different pace so be patient with them. By being patient you are less likely to get frustrated with your animal which means that the chances that the training session […]


Michele’s Tuesday Training Tip – Buffy?

What Does Buffy have To Do With A Weekly Training Tip? In honor of October being Adopt a Shelter dog month, I wanted to share Buffy’s bio and how together we have promoted the use of positive reinforcement in dog training. I was attending college in southern Indiana when I fell into volunteering at the […]

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